‘Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune’ Teases the Crews Get ‘Tested’ in New ‘Comeback’ Clip

by Amy Myers

Since the premiere of the new Gold Rush spinoff series on July 30, 2021, Winter’s Fortune has been a huge hit with fans. Besides focusing on a different season, the show also puts the spotlight on fan-favorite characters outside of the typical three that the original series follows. Of course, everyone still loves Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness and Tony Beets, but Winter’s Fortune gives fans the chance to hear different stories and see different techniques from others on the scene – including Fred Lewis.

Lewis’ start on Gold Rush was much different from his fellow co-stars. In fact, had Schnabel’s own spinoff, Parker’s Trail, not taken the mining prodigy to Papua New Guinea, he and Lewis would have never met. At the time, Lewis didn’t have any experience in mining. Instead, when Lewis finally became acquainted with Schnabel, he was working as a medic, as he had done in the Green Berets during his service in the Army. Once invited to star on Gold Rush, Lewis quickly found he had a knack for mining and became one of the main stars on Winter’s Fortune. Now, with the added obstacle of frigid temperatures, ice and snow, the rookie will have to prove he’s in the gold mining game for the long haul.

Recently, Discovery posted a clip teasing Lewis’ new endeavors in an upcoming episode. Along a dirt road, he chats with a crew member in the truck behind him over the radio. Beside him sits his wife and fellow veteran Khara.

‘Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune’ Crew Reveals ‘Biggest Mistake’ From Last Season

As the Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune crew continues towards their next mining destination, they see a herd of antelopes sprinting across the open land. Lewis’ crew member jokes that antelopes might be the fastest animal on land in the U.S., but he’ll be the second fastest out of the property if the deal doesn’t work out.

Last season, Lewis and his crew didn’t do too well in the mines. Although this can be chalked up to the new miner’s lack of on-site experience, Lewis thinks the failure comes from a lack of testing.

“Our biggest mistake was not testing ground,” he explained to his wife. “So, we’re investing our time and our money now and doing as many things as we can find that are available.”

Khara nods along, but it’s clear from the facial expressions that she was as disappointed as her husband that last season’s mining wasn’t profitable. Surely, it was a risky decision for the couple to make to uproot their lives for a new career path.

“We gotta be a lot more smart – be a lot more thought out and gotta test, test, test,” Lewis concluded.