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‘Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune’ Teases Intense Look at ‘Big Endeavor’ in Wild Drilling Scene

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images)

“Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune” just dropped a clip from the latest episode.

The clip features Rick Ness as he embarks on an experiment that could strike gold, literally.

Ness first appeared on “Gold Rush” in season three. He was a part of fellow miner, Parker Schnabel’s crew. However, he started his own independent operation in season nine of the show. Since then, Ness has been trying to find innovative ways to strike it rich. “Gold Rush” recently shared a clip from a new episode of the show. During the clip, Ness gathers a drilling team to experiment with a new gold-mining strategy he’s come up with.

“We brought the big guns out,” says Ness.

The narrator then begins to detail Ness’s drilling idea while illustrations of the experiment play onscreen.

“Rick’s experiment, to see if the directional drill can bore through the side of the overburden and maneuver to avoid any large rocks that would normally stop a conventional drill. Then, hit the gold-rich layer sitting above bedrock. Once, it hits the thick layer, the drill will be removed and replaced with a core sample bit. It will then be reinserted and collect gold from deep inside the hill. If it works, Rick will invest thousands of dollars and drill Duncan Creek next season.”

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The clip then cuts to Rick Ness and his team getting ready to start drilling. Ness once again explains his plans to the team.

“You do it going at a bit of an angle and eventually get in under that face there,” said Ness. “That’s eventually where the gold is going to be. Right underneath where we’re standing here.”

The team begins drilling and everything looks good..for a moment.

“This drill bit’s cutting through pretty good,” says Ness.

The team continues drilling while the “Gold Rush” star speaks directly to the camera about his concerns.

“I want to make sure this is actually going to work, if it’s actually right,” says Ness. “Because mobilizing this kind of equipment and getting it up to the Yukon is a big endeavor. It’s going to cost money. And I don’t want to spend money if it ain’t going to work. I’d rather prove it here.”

The clip then cuts back to the drilling team. The drill has slowed and seems to be stuck on something.

“What going on now, you hit something?” asks Ness.

“It’s stuck on a rock,” replies the drill operator.

“Hope we don’t break something, it’ll be an expensive day,” says Ness half-joking.

“I think we’re riding up,” says the concerned drill operator.

“I thought you said you knew what you were doing,” says Ness.

Then the clip cuts to black. “Gold Rush” fans will just have to tune in for the latest episode to find out what happens.