‘Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune’: Which Fan Favorites from Previous Seasons and Spin-Offs are On Show?

by Joe Rutland

“Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune” is yet another spin-off from the popular “Gold Rush” on Discovery Channel. Are any fan favorites appearing?

According to a story from TV Insider, Tony Beets, Rick Ness, Dave Turin, Fred Lewis, and Dustin Hurt will all be featured in the series. The article also said the show will focus on how they will race for the next big gold pull.

The newest spin-off premiered last Friday night at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central on Discovery and Discovery+. So, Outsiders can tune in on Friday nights and catch “Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune.” According to the TV Insider article, the spin-off focusing on the offseason of mining makes for great gambles.

Viewers already watching the spin-off know that the competition is underway. “Who’s going to end up on top. How are they going to overcome these subpar temperatures? Who’s going to take the gold?” according to Discovery Channel.

‘Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune’ Will Pit Miners Against One Another

“Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune” is pitting one miner against the other. They have their individual goals which will carry them throughout the show.

Beets reportedly is going to spend a lot of money to fix his machinery. Turin is planning to focus on getting new land to prospect for gold. Lewis, who is a newcomer around the “Gold Rush” world, will be urging his family and military veterans to help him find gold.

Hurt will be facing a lot of stress while fearing that the landslides in Haines might hurt his gold mining chances.

These miners mean business, for sure. “Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune” is going to give them another reason to look for new land.

Show Franchise Still Dealing With Death of Jesse Goins on Set

While the show continues expanding with another spin-off, the “Gold Rush” franchise is still dealing with the death of Jesse Goins.

Goins, who was a part of Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine, reportedly died last year while on the show’s set.

TMZ first reported Goins died on Wednesday, Aug. 19. Goins was reportedly on set in Colorado on Tuesday, Aug. 18. Sources told TMZ that he was cleaning and separating the gold in the “gold room.” Sadly, a crew member found him unconscious just outside of the room.

The source also said, “A medic on-site administered CPR and EMTs then arrived and rushed Jesse to the hospital, but efforts to revive him proved unsuccessful.”

Jesse Goins first appeared on the “Dave Turin’s Lost Mine” in 2019. Jesse Goins was a gold miner and gold room operator. He appeared in 15 episodes last season. Jesse Goins also was featured in “Gold Rush” and “The Dirt” which debuted in 2020.