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‘Golden Girls’ Actor Chick Vennera Dies: See Touching Tributes From Fans

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Desiree Navarro/FilmMagic

Fans remember “Golden Girls” actor Chick Vennera with an outpouring of support. The actor passed away on Thursday, July 8th. Vennera was 74-years-old. Several fa

Deadline first reported Vennera’s death, but details later emerged on how the star passed. Vennera’s daughter Nicky confirmed that her father had been battling cancer for some time. Vennera, who retired from acting in the mid-2000s, kept his cancer battle from the public. Nicky says her father passed away in his Burbank, California home.

Vennera entertained audiences in a recurring role on “The Golden Girls” as Enrique/ Pepe. He acted alongside Betty White to humorous effect. But Vennera later found a second wind his career as a voice actor as well. Among his greatest accomplishments, Vennera starred in the beloved animated classic “The Animaniacs.”

Several of Vennera’s associates lamented his death. For instance, Joanna Davidovich posted on Twitter, paying her respect to the actor. Joanna is an animator, who honored Chick’s contribution to voice acting. She wrote, “RIP Chick Vennera. He was a tremendous talent- condolences to his friends, family, and colleagues.”

Meanwhile, the production company Amblin also remembered Vennera as well. Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg owns the production company. They honored Vennera on Twitter with a poignant post. They wrote, “We’re saddened to learn that Chick Vennera, who gave vocal wing to Pesto of The Goodfeathers (amongst other characters) in the original run of @TheAnimaniacs has passed away at 74. Our condolences to Chick’s loved ones, friends, and fellow collaborators.”

Fans Remember ‘Golden Girls’ Actor

Chuck Vennera’s contributions to “Golden Girls” can’t be denied. He turned a recurring but memorable role that’s stood the test of the decades that followed. Vennera was born in Herkimer, New York in 1947. He eventually found his passion for acting after moving to California to study at Pasadena Playhouse.

But many passionate fans best remember Vennera for his work as a voice actor in cartoons. His role as Godpigeon and Pesto entertained a generation of fans. And they all took to social media to honor Vennera and his life. His voice continues to live on, entertaining viewers for many more years to come.

One user wrote: “Rest in Peace to Chick Vennera. The Goodfeathers was one of the first Animaniacs skits I got into; so Chick’s performances as Pesto and Godpigeon were always welcome to hear on TV after a long day out. My heart goes out to Chick’s friends and family in this difficult time.”

And another commented: “Sad news to share. We’ve just heard that Chick Vennera has passed away. He was Pesto and the Godpigeon on #Animaniacs, was in many live action productions and was an acting teacher. We met Chick on our Goodfeathers Reunion and he was AMAZING. RIP Chick and thank you.”