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‘Golden Girls’: One Actress Spoke Out on Bea Arthur’s Issues with Betty White, Not Liking ‘Certain Things’

by Joe Rutland
Photo by Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

It wasn’t always sunshine on “The Golden Girls” set. Bea Arthur didn’t get along with Betty White, and one costar offered an opinion.

Rue McClanahan, who played Blanche Devereaux on the popular NBC sitcom, spoke about Arthur’s differences with White in a 2009 interview with Greg Hernandez.

“They approached life very differently,” McClanahan said. “Bea came from a New York stage point of view. She always had what we call the fourth wall. And Betty came from a television point of view.”

McClanahan recalled White, who played Rose Nylund on “The Golden Girls,” flirting with the studio audience. She’d even pull up her skirt in front of a guy in the audience and say, “Hi, sailor.” On the other hand, Arthur took a completely opposite stance.

McClanahan Tried Helping White Understand Tiff With Arthur

“But Bea never acknowledged the audience,” McClanahan said. “I always thought that was maybe part of it. But Bea never confided in me why she felt the way she did about Betty. It could be something Bea never confided in me.”

Most importantly, even White appeared to have been confounded by her “Golden Girls” costar’s attitude toward her.

“Betty always asked me, ‘Why?'” McClanahan said. “And I’d always say, ‘You know how Bea is, Betty. Bea gets a bee in her bonnet, and just doesn’t like certain things…and I don’t know why.'”

Arthur Never Liked Meeting People With Baseball Caps On Backward

McClanahan recalled one thing which ticked Arthur, who played Dorothy Zbornak, off a lot. She did not like to meet or see people wearing baseball caps backward.

“That really got to her,” she said. “We were interviewing directors one time and if someone came in with a baseball cap worn backward, he didn’t stand a chance.”

Now McClanahan, White, Arthur, and Estelle Getty, who played Sophia Petrillo, spent seven seasons on “The Golden Girls.” Meanwhile, they all won individual Emmy Awards for their work. As a result, the show proved to be successful in the ratings.

‘Dorothy’ Actor Left ‘Golden Girls’ After Seven-Season Run Comes To An End

But Arthur was done with the show after playing Dorothy for those seven seasons. Obviously, she decided to move on to other projects. The three remaining stars certainly weren’t through just yet.

Getty, White, and McClanahan went on to appear in “The Golden Palace” as their “Golden Girls” characters for one season. The show did not perform well in the Nielsen ratings and also was canceled. “The Golden Girls” lives on in reruns, where a new generation can fall in love with the fabulous four from Florida.

In conclusion, three of the show’s stars are no longer alive. Only Betty White at 99 years old remains alive from the popular NBC situation comedy.