‘Golden Girls’ Star Betty White Wanted to Be an Opera Singer Rather Than an Actor

by Shelby Scott

Betty White has become a beloved American icon throughout her long career as an actress, author, comedian, and animal rights activist. However, while we know and love Betty for her iconic role on the “Golden Girls” in addition to her numerous other roles and guest appearances, she once shared during a 2012 interview she had wanted to be an opera singer.

At the age of 99, Betty White hasn’t slowed down one bit and she still should, by all means, pursue that dream. Although, it’s hard to imagine so many of our favorite shows and films without her. Nevertheless, White shared her childhood dreams in speaking on one of her earlier cartoon roles voicing a wonderfully quirky character in the children’s film, “The Lorax.”

For Outsiders who’ve seen the children’s film, Betty White may reflect back at you in the spunky character, Granny Norma. Norma, voiced by White, actually belted out a few memorable bars during the closing musical scene in “The Lorax.”

While on the topic, the iconic actress shared, “I don’t work at [singing] anymore as far as having a repertoire and stuff, but when I was a youngster, I wanted to be an opera singer so I took very serious singing lessons.”

Now, Betty White states she still sings every now and then, “but only when nobody’s home.”

Betty White Serves as an ‘Honorary Forest Ranger’

As I mentioned above, Betty White continues to go on strong at the impressive age of 99. Among her acting accolades and animal rights activism, White continues to win over the hearts of Outsiders everywhere.

On November 9, 2010, our United States Forest Service declared Betty White an honorary forest ranger. The announcement came during a conservation event in Washington D.C. Her contribution and honorary status speak to her dedication as a wildlife activist and conservationist. Though, on a less serious note, we simply can’t get enough of Betty White sporting our forest service’s traditional headwear. Be sure to check out the sweet photo here.

Regardless, the dear friend of Smokey Bear has recently pushed the Forest Service’s most updated initiative. Entitled the Smokey Bear 2.0 Mission, the children-centric effort aims to better educate American children on wildfire prevention and causation. It even includes a game to help children become more involved in the Forest Service initiative.

Although, the honorary title was especially significant for White. She explained previously that while she was a young girl, women were not permitted to be forest rangers. However, Betty White’s passion for wildlife and conservation lies in a multitude of places.

Betty White told Smithsonian Magazine during a different 2012 interview that she’s been a “zoo nut” all her life. She dedicates a lot of time to help educate Americans on best conservation practices. In addition to her position with the U.S. Forest Service, Betty White continues to serve as a trustee of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association.

And you thought you couldn’t love Betty White anymore.