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‘Golden Girls’ Fans Ready To Gather for First-Ever Convention

by Liz Holland
(Photo by Desiree Navarro/FilmMagic)

Golden Girls’ fans, get excited! A fan convention for lovers of the cult classic will be held for the first time April 22-24, 2022 in Chicago. The event will go by the title “Golden-Con: Thank You for Being a Fan.” Although ticket prices and special guests have yet to be determined, event producers say the weekend will include appearances from “guest stars, producers, and others directly connected with the show”. 

The question burning in many fans’ minds is: Will Betty White be there? Organizers say they’re “working diligently” to secure an appearance from the legend, who will be 100 years old by then. However, no official announcement has been made. What is known for sure is that people who have appeared on the show are confirmed guests. No names have been released yet at the time of writing. 

A Long-Time Love

Despite the Golden Girls series wrapping over 30 years ago, the series continues to gain new fans. Thanks to constant syndicated re-runs, the show continues to touch the hearts of multiple generations. The show has amassed a large following particularly within the LGBTQ community. It’s no wonder, as the show tackled topics that were considered quite progressive for its’ time. Topics include multiple plotlines revolving around advocacy for gay rights. Furthermore, it seems fitting that the “Golden-Con” event will be held in Chicago. Specifically, on Halsted at the LGBTQ+ community’s center. Event organizers chose Chicago for the location in part because of the community’s presence and history in the city. 

Event producer Zack Hudson speaks of the event and how it will tie to all the things fans love. Hudson says, “We’re creating a space where fans can celebrate all the things they love about the show; friendships, laughter, families of choice, Scandinavian nitwits, sexy Southern belles, stern substitute teachers and Sicilians.”

Just What Golden Girls Fans Need

In the midst of an ongoing pandemic, organizer Brad Balof believes this is just what people need. In an interview with Edge Media Network, Balof shares his thoughts. “Folks go through enough daily — don’t get me started on life in a pandemic — that we need to embrace the things we love. And that’s one of the remarkable things about ‘The Golden Girls”. It’s something that unites people across multiple demographics and age groups. You walk through an airport with a ‘The Golden Girls’ shirt on, and you’re going to make friends. That’s what we want for Golden-Con. We want folks to bring and celebrate the friends they have and make new ones while they’re here at the event,” Balof shares. 

For information on when tickets go on sale and any other news pertaining to the event, check out thankyouforbeingafan.com.