‘Golden Girls’: Rue McClanahan Explained How She Would Sneakily Hide ‘Cheesecake’ Instead of Eating It

by Joe Rutland

Rue McClanahan did her best to hide “cheesecake” instead of eating it on “The Golden Girls.” Her two costars weren’t buying her excuses.

McClanahan joined Bea Arthur and Betty White in 2004 for a roundtable discussion about the show for Entertainment Weekly.

When their conversation turned to the aforementioned cheesecake, Arthur and White offered their own thoughts. McClanahan was kind of busted by White, but let’s let their words speak for themselves.

Betty White Gives The Info About ‘Golden Girls’ Costar

“I haaate cheesecake,” Arthur said. “I never eat it.”

“That was the best cheesecake in the world,” McClanahan counters.

“You want the real story?” White said about her “The Golden Girls” costar.

“Here comes a lie,” McClanahan pipes in to the chat.

“You know craft services?” White said. “The first couple weeks, Ruthie put on a couple of pounds, so she went on a diet. But she figured anything you ate on camera was not fattening.”

Rue McClanahan Comes Clean, But White, Arthur Don’t Buy It

“Liar, liar, pants on fire!” McClanahan said. “This is how I did it. I would put a bite of cheesecake on my fork and put it toward my mouth. When the camera cut, I put it in a plate under my chair, and I pretended to be chewing.”

“Bea, are you buying any of this?” White asked her “The Golden Girls” costar Arthur.

“No,” Arthur said. “Do you realize that was 19 years ago?”

“My God, you girls were my age then!” McClanahan said.

This type of back-and-forth chatter is something that actually made “The Golden Girls” popular on NBC. Some people might ask where Estelle Getty, the fourth “Golden Girl” costar, was in the conversation. By 2004, Getty had retired from acting and her health was deteriorating.

Sadly, Getty died in 2008, Arthur in 2009, and McClanahan in 2010. White remains alive and well at 99 years old.