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‘Golden Girls’: See the Ranch-Style Home Show’s Iconic House Set was Based On

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Steve Fontanini/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

For all of our Outsiders who plan on retiring with your friends like the Golden Girls, you may be able to snag Blanche’s actual house one day. Well, sort of.

The iconic ranch that Dorthy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia lived in was based on a real home in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. The Golden Girls’ creators loved the house so much that they had an exact replica made for their studios in Orlando, Florida.

For the first season, the inside of the home was part of the Disney-MGM Studios set. And the producers had camera people fly all the way to California to film footage of the home’s exterior for the episodes. But after doing that for a year, they decided to just build the facade in Florida, too. And if you take a trip to Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios, you can tour the replica during a tram tour.

See the Home that inspired the ‘Golden Girls’ House

Thirty-six years after the series premiere, the original home still stands. It has been updated to fit more modern tastes, but it still has that Golden Girls feel.

“Drinks on the lanai?” If that’s what you fancy, the legendary patio area is still on the side of the house. And it’s as beautiful as ever with an abundance of natural light and enough space for entertaining. And the kitchen layout still has room for a small dining table and late-night cheesecake deserts with the gals.

The Golden Girls house isn’t currently for sale. But if you keep an eye out, there is always a chance the home will hit the market. But it will come with a hefty price tag. As of today, Trulia estimates it is worth nearly $4.5 million dollars.

Visit this link to see the home.

Rue McClanahan Once Offered Her Advice for Aspiring Actors

Rue McClanahan struggled to find fame in Hollywood. But with a little dedication, she found enviable stardom. And before she passed in 2010, she gave all the aspiring actors in the world a little advice. Don’t give up.

During an interview with The American Academy of Television, McClanahan, best known for her roles in Golden Girls and Maude, said that only people with thick skin and an iron-clad will can make it in the industry.

“Perseverance, perseverance, perseverance. You’ve got to hang in there,” she said. “Because you’re going to get rejected so much, and you’re going to get disappointed so badly. If you really want this career, you got to fight for it and fight for it, and I don’t mean fight other actors. I mean fight the sense of failure that you may be feeling. Fight the ‘Will I ever get hired?’ I went through a lot of that in the beginning and then ‘Will I ever get the role I want?’ and then ‘Will anyone ever see me who’s really gonna matter?’ You know, perseverance.”