‘Golden Girls’ Star Betty White Described Herself as an ‘Addict’ to Classic Brain Teaser Game

by Quentin Blount

Golden Girls star Betty White is known for many things, but perhaps what fans don’t know is that she is a crossword puzzle addict.

At 99-years-old, White has been around for nearly an entire century. She has been involved in the television industry for more than 80 years and is widely referred to as a “pioneer of television.” During her time, White has seen technology advance in more ways than she could likely ever imagine.

However, it is not an iPhone or an iPad that White uses to kill time. She told the Guinness Book of World Records back in 2013 that her favorite activity is still a good old-fashioned crossword puzzle. Guinness World Records asked White any secret talent, unique fears, or favorite foods that fans might not know about.

“Having been around for as long as I have, there are no secrets left,” Betty White joked. “I am an avid crossword puzzle addict, and although I am known for my animal health and welfare work, people might be surprised to hear I am a nature nut as well!”

‘Golden Girls’ Star Betty White — A Crossword Addict

The television icon is known for her many roles on the small screen, including as Rose Nylund in The Golden Girls and as Sue Ann Nivens in The Mary Tyler Moore Show. But despite all of her success in the acting field, she always made time to read the newspaper and work on her crossword puzzles.

She and her friend Tom Sullivan spoke to Closer Weekly last year. There, she admitted her love for the classic brain teaser game.

“She owns literally thousands of crossword puzzle books and is constantly doing them to keep her mind jumping,” Sullivan said. “This is really serious with her.”

At 99 years old, White has leaned on her puzzles even more. That goes especially so over the last year and a half. She has stayed home to protect herself from the coronavirus pandemic. She said that now instead of in-person game nights, she and her friends get together over zoom to play Scrabble.

Betty White’s message to the world is to “slow down and enjoy what you have: family, friends, your pets. The pandemic is serious, but we have come through worse. It’s Mother Nature’s way of telling us all to slow down.”

However, the Golden Girls star told Closer Weekly that she does not take her good health for granted.

“I’m blessed with incredibly good health,” White said. “That’s something you appreciate a lot.”