‘Golden Girls’ Star Betty White Called Out People Who Hate Cats in Hilarious Comment: ‘Drives Me Crazy’

by Quentin Blount

Golden Girls star Betty White does not put up with people who dislike cats. In fact, she once said that those people “drive her crazy.”

White has had an impressive television career spanning more than 80 years. Regarded as a pioneer of television, she is known for her roles as Sue Ann Nivens on the CBS sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and as Rose Nylund on the NBC sitcom The Golden Girls.

However, her love for animals goes back even further. She once said that she has loved animals since she was “in the womb.” And while Betty White is an advocate and lover of all animals, she has a particular soft spot for cats. In a past interview, the female icon told Positively that a lot of people “don’t really know cats.”

“It drives me crazy when I hear people say what they do about cats; oh, that cats are so independent they don’t care or that they are conniving. I know instantly these people have never had a cat,” she says. “They see cats from a distance, they don’t really know cats.”

‘Golden Girls’ Star Says That Cats Are ‘So Devoted’

Later in her interview with Positively, Betty White goes on to talk about cats and what makes them so special. She says that they often get unfairly compared to the loving and devoted nature of dogs.

“Cats can be so devoted. They think cats don’t love you like a dog loves you. That’s not true,” The Golden Girls star explains to Positively. “My last cat was a beautiful Himalayan. He found me, just appearing one day. I thought I’d keep Mr. Bob (as in ‘Bob-Cat’) for a few days until I found the owners. Well, Mr. Bob wound up staying with me for 11 years. He was such a people-oriented guy. As my knees bent down to sit down, he was on my lap.”

The 99-year-old star says that we should try and pay more attention to our pets, as they are always paying attention to us. And that a lot of the time, they are more interesting than many people.

“Our pets are constantly telling us things, with a purr, a bark, a tail-wag, a smile, a paw in our lap,” she says. “We’re not always so good at paying attention to them, but they’re sure good at paying attention to us. We should talk to our pets, too! What else can we do? We don’t have a tail to wag. I’d like to talk to Robert Redford, but otherwise, dogs and cats are more interesting – I think – than many people.”

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