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‘Golden Girls’: What Was Actor Chick Vennera’s Net Worth at Time of Death?

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Todd Williamson/Getty Images for TV Land)

Many fans of “The Golden Girls” were saddened when they heard the news that an actor who had made memorable appearances on the show had died. Luckily for him, he did not die a poor man.

That actor was Chick Vennera. He passed away on July 7, 2021, in Burbank, California. His cause of death was reportedly lung cancer. He was 74 years old at the time of his death.

While he may have only appeared in three episodes of “The Golden Girls,” Vennera left quite an impression on the popular sitcom’s fans. He played a boxer named Pepe in one 1989 episode. In this episode, titled “Fiddler On the Ropes,” Vennera’s character is trained by Sophia Petrillo (played by Estelle Getty) as he prepares for a boxing match. This episode was the 18th that aired during show’s fourth season.

Later in 1989, Chick Vennera returned to “The Golden Girls.” This time he played the entertaining and bossy consumer reporter Enrique Mas – the boss of Betty White’s character, Rose Nylund. As Mas, Vennera appeared in the fourth and 10th episodes of the sitcom’s fifth season. These episodes were titled, “Rose Fights Back” and “All That Jazz.”

Chick Vennera Had a Succesful Cartoon Providing Voices for Cartoon Characters

In addition to his work on “The Golden Girls,” Chick Vennera was known for his work off-camera. He was a respected voice actor and appeared in several popular cartoons during his career. These included “The Jetsons,” “Foofur,” “Batman: The Animated Series,” “Darkwing Duck,” “The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest,” and “Animaniacs.”

Thanks to his work as an actor and voice actor, Chuck Venneras was wealthier than most people at the time of his death. According to Biography Daily, he had a net worth of approximately $1 million.

In addition to his roles in episodes of “The Golden Girls,” as well as his work voicing cartoon characters, Chick Vennera was also known for his performance in the film, “The Milagro Beanfield War.”

This 1988 film was directed by the legendary Robert Redford. The cast also included Ruben Blades, Melanie Griffith, Christopher Walken, and Daniel Stern. It tells the story of drama between authorities and farmers.

‘Golden Girls’ Fans Share Their Condolences With Chick Vennera’s Family

Since the news of his death came to light, fans of “The Golden Girls” and of Chick Vennera’s other shows have gone online to mourn the actor and share their condolences with his family.

Here’s just one example. A fan of the “Animaniacs” posted the following via Twitter: “Rest in Peace to Chick Vennera. The Goodfeathers was one of the first Animaniacs skits I got into; so Chick’s performances as Pesto and Godpigeon were always welcome to hear on TV after a long day out. My heart goes out to Chick’s friends and family in this difficult time.”