‘Golden Girls’: Who Did Chick Vennera Play on the Show?

by Jacklyn Krol

Did you know that Chick Vennera was on the Golden Girls?

Vennera portrayed Enrique Mas and Pepe during three shows in 1989 during Season 5. It’s quite uncommon for an actor to play two different characters in the same season of a show, but he pulled it off.

Vennera portrayed a boxer named Pepe for the “Fiddler on the Ropes” episode. The Cuban boxer was being trained by Sophia Petrillo, played by Estelle Getty. It was quite the sight to see as the elderly woman attempted to teach the agile youngster how to win. Sophia hoped to get some money if he was able to win a round in the boxing ring.

He then portrayed a local news reporter named Enrique Mas that is quite full of himself. He appeared in the “Rose Fights Back” and “All That Jazz” Golden Girls episodes.

Rose Nylund, portrayed by Betty White, is looking for work after learning she can’t take any more money from her pension. She then begins to work for the consumer on-air talent. The following episode didn’t center around the working dynamic as much. “All That Jazz” focused on Dorothy Zbornak’s son, Michael. He was kicked out by his wife and ended up having to live with the four ladies.

The ‘Golden Girls’ Star’s Passing and Legacy

Chick Vennera passed away from cancer in Burbank, California this week. on He was 74. Vennera is survived by his wife, Suzanne, and sole daughter, Nicky.

Aside from the Golden Girls, he starred in television, film, and even voice acted, sang, and danced. He spent roughly thirty years in the entertainment industry. His breakout role was as “The Leatherman” in Thank God It’s Friday. While the 70s cult classic was beloved by fans, the disco soundtrack topped the charts.

Fans may recognize his voice as Twitch from Batman: the Animated Series. The concept of multiple characters isn’t new for him. He voiced the characters of Pesto, Sparrow, and Joe P. in the children’s cartoon, Animaniacs.

Aside from the screen, he also toured in productions. He was featured in Disney’s Parade Tour. He later went on to star in the Broadway version of Grease.

Finally, his last role was in 2009 for the video game Bayonetta. One of the final projects that he worked on was founding and teaching at the Los Angeles’ Renegade Theatre and Film Group. Furthermore, he had a total of 74 credits to his name.