‘Good Morning America’ Host Ginger Zee Fires Back After Being Labeled ‘Weather Girl Who Looks Good in a Skirt’

by Jon D. B.

“I’m a scientist who talks about science.” Good Morning America‘s Ginger Zee is educating the ignorant on social media after the recent claim.

Ginger Zee is the chief meteorologist for ABC News, alongside her work on Good Morning America. So when an anonymous Twitter troll began belittling her, the meteorologist was quick to put him in his place.

“I am human. Just a friendly reminder,” is the July 8 tweet from Zee where it all began. To this, a Twitter user aptly named “Peter Griffin” (after the popular, crude Family Guy character) decided to respond: “You’re paid millions to read cue cards.”

Someone clearly doesn’t know what a meteorologist is.

“Can you please get me paid millions and no, I don’t read anything — I ad lib,” Zee would respond. “I’m a scientist who talks about science — with no script.”

As if the Twitter user hadn’t been insulting enough, he then decides to respond with: “you’re a weather girl who looks good in a skirt” to the Good Morning America host.

Zee would then use the opportunity as a teaching moment, as any scientist should.

“Peter — I only comment back to you a second time in case others need the education. Women can be scientists AND look good in a skirt. I happen to be one of those women. Don’t project your anger and frustration on others without knowing the facts.”

From Good Morning America to ABC News‘ Chief Meteorologist, Ginger Zee is ‘#NotAWeatherGirl’

Thankfully, the Twitter troll looks to have been warded off by common sense. That, and Zee’s remarkable display of patience and human decency.

Others came to her defense, too, with one follower replying: “The insecurities of others will always try to dictate who you are when they in all actuality don’t like themselves. Continue to surround yourself with those who celebrate you and not tolerate you.”

“This is always great advice,” meteorologist Zee says Friday in retweeting the message.

Years before she would become a Good Morning America star through her scientific background, however, Zee says she was a young woman who struggled deeply with mental health.

For Suicide Prevention Week, she offered the following to followers on social media: “This photo always breaks my heart. This was during my first real job on tv at WEYI. This wide, forced smile was not long after my second suicide attempt,” PEOPLE cites of Zee. “Of course no one at work knew. I was a master at hiding my mental health issues. Especially from myself.”

“I often wonder if there is anything I could go back and say to myself the morning I tried to take my own life,” she continues within. “I don’t know if I would have been ready to hear it – I don’t know if this message will help — but I feel it is my duty to talk about it — because I was lucky.”

In the end, the Good Morning America alum says that “Beyond the luck, I had the support and financial ability to get the help I needed to treat my mental health issues. Not everyone has that.”