‘Good Morning America’ Host Robin Roberts Opens 9/11 Anniversary with Moving Prayer

by Kati Michelle

On this somber day and 20th Anniversary of the Attacks of 9/11, “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts made a powerful statement. She chose to open the 9/11 Anniversary program with a moving morning prayer. If you’d like to take a moment of your day to join in this prayer, keep reading on.

Robin Roberts Delivers a Prayer about Moving Forward Together

Robin Roberts looked beautiful and elegant as ever in her black dress for Saturday’s news. She knew this wouldn’t be a regular news day. A lot of really big emotions filled the air. She thought about all the lives lost to the horrors of 9/11 and how America changed forever that day. She thought about forgiveness and blame, accountability and action, progress and change. This led her to deliver a powerful prayer about moving forward, together as a united country. You can read these beautiful words from Robin Roberts here:

“Give people the grace to change when they’ve done you wrong. Don’t judge their whole life on one season on one mistake. You don’t have to befriend them and allow them all access, but you do need to get to the point where you’ve let go of the offense and you treat them with respect.” Here, she pauses for a brief moment before continuing on. The “Glam Fam” cheers her on. “You are not the judge and jury. Leave it at God’s hand.”

She then enters the prayer for the “very special day.”

“Father, thank you. Father, thank you. Thank you for the mercy, and forgiveness, and protection that you have shown us when we’ve done wrong. Help us to do good and to bless those that have done us wrong. We are leaving them in your hands and giving them the grace that allows for change. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

If you want to hear Robin Roberts deliver the prayer in her own voice, you can do so here:

The Praise Continues in the Comments

The comment section of Robin’s Twitter post was filled with other prayerful words and appreciation of the fact that Robin Roberts delivered such a powerful statement. Some Twitter users chose to remember specific heroes we lost to the horrors of 9/11.

For example, @EdwardJHiggins remembered FDNY Chaplain with the following words: “Lord, take me where You want me to go; Let me meet who You want me to meet; Tell me what You want me to say; And keep me out of Your way. — Fr. Mychal F. Judge, O.F.M.” A tragic photo accompanied the Tweet.

@williamsnews24 echoed a lot of American’s sentiment with: “I’ll never forget that morning! And this is a great message for today…leave it in God’s hands….”