Grammy Awards 2021: Fans Furious at Brief Eddie Van Halen Tribute

by Evan Reier

In a year plagued by a pandemic and tragic deaths of countless musicians, the death of Eddie Van Halen somehow stands out.

However, the Grammy Awards elected to focus elsewhere during their in memoriam tribute. It’s difficult when there’s legends like Kenny Rogers, Bill Withers and many more to honor. But one would think the show would have more time for all those who passed.

While some of the beloved passed artists were given covers, Van Halen was highlighted by a quick clip of him shredding on his famous Stratocaster.

It was accomapnied by one of those famous Strats, standing alone in the middle of the stage.

After the brief clip, the memoriam continued onward. Understandably, fans of the legendary guitarist expected more from the Grammy Awards.

Reactions to Tribute to Eddie Van Halen

“What a crappy tribute to Eddie Van Halen. He revolutionized music.” @JoshEzzell writes.

Similarly, user @RachTComedy called out of the awards for the brevity of the tribute.

#Grammys not 10 seconds for Eddie van halen? Shameful.”

It’s dangerous territory to compare musical legends. However, one user, @RobertKleeman, is doing just that.

“So, John Prine, Little Richard, and Kenny Rogers will get all-star tributes but not Van Halen? Got it, Recording Academy.”

It’s a tricky line to navigate. How do you weigh which artists have the greatest impact? That being said, there are even those that are those who aren’t big Van Halen fans like @Danpruitttexas who found it disrespectful.

@theGRAMMYs wow you reduced Eddie Van Halen to a couple riffs..not a Van Halen Fan..but he deserves better.”

@TaraElizabeth24 shared her sentiment on the matter.

“I must say they should’ve given Eddie Van Halen a better tribute than that. #GRAMMYs

It’s a kind of a no-win scenario for the Grammys. The show has many things to cover in an evening. That being said, considering the difficult of this year, it would make sense to spend more time than usual about those who’ve passed.