Grateful Dead Movie on the Way From Martin Scorsese Starring Jonah Hill as Jerry Garcia

by Chase Thomas

The gang is getting back together again. Yes, legendary director Martin Scorsese and legendary actor Jonah Hill are reuniting on the big screen. The two first worked together on The Wolf of Wall Street. Now, Hill will work with Scorsese on a very different role, to say the least.

Hill will play Jerry Garcia in a new Grateful Dead movie that Scorsese will be directing. The musical biopic got reported approval from members of The Grateful Dead. Perhaps part of the reason the band gave their blessing for the film is that Scorsese already has worked on a Grateful Dead production in the past. A few years back, Scorsese produced a documentary that was six parts in total on the band.

No release date has been announced, but look out for that real soon, Outsiders.

Jerry Garcia’s Favorite Song

The Grateful Dead had so many hits over the years and decades of song-creating and touring. However, there is always one or two songs that stick out more for those that wrote it than anyone else. With so many songs written by Garcia there was no way he would feel the same about each of them.

When asked which was his favorite Garcia said, “I really loved ‘Row Jimmy Row’. That was one of my favorite songs of ones that I’ve written. I loved it. Nobody else really liked it very much—we always did it—but nobody liked it very much, at least in the same way I did.”

Isn’t that something? The favorite of his wasn’t viewed the same by the fans. They liked different tracks. He liked other tracks. He personally loved ‘Row Jimmy’ but that is not one of their hits or a song that folks liked all that much. Garcia doesn’t dance around that, though, and acknowledges that it was just a fact that even though they may have liked the song a lot that fans simply felt differently and that’s perfectly OK.

There were a couple of other tunes Garcia especially liked as he said, “Yeah, that’s another song too. That’s a song I like. ‘Ship Of Fools’ is a song I like an awful lot. But my relationship to them changes. Sometimes I really like a song after I’ve written it and I don’t like it at all a year later. And some of them, I’m sort of indifferent to, but we perform it and find they have a real long life. For me to sing a song, I really have to feel some relationship to it. I can’t just ——– about it. Otherwise, it’s just empty and it’s no fun.”

Garcia was honest and forthright about what he liked and why he liked them and played music he did. He needed to have an emotional attachment to the songs or it didn’t work.