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‘Grease’ Actor Eddie Deezen Called ‘Creep’ by Waitress, Accused of Repeated Harassment

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: David Livingston/Getty Images

Summer loving may happened so fast. But a waitress is accusing this “Grease” star of harassment and also called him a “creep” as well.

Eddie Deezen starred in the cult classic musical in the 1980s. But these days, he’s mostly transitioned into voice acting for a number of cartoons and movies. Recently, a waitress in Cumberland, Maryland accused Deezen of harassing her at work.

According to Kara Lashbaugh, Deezen has been harassing her at work. In a Twitter post, Lashbaugh shared screenshots from the “Grease” star’s Facebook posts. She also detailed alleged harassment on the actor’s part.

On Twitter, she wrote: “Eddie Deezen is a f–king CREEP who comes into my work at least once a week, calls and asks other servers for my schedule, and if he comes in and I’m not wearing makeup HE LEAVES. And this grown a– old man has the balls to post this on Facebook about me. I’m losing my mind.”

In the alleged Facebook posts, Deezen went on a social media rant about his love for the waitress’s fake eyelashes. He said he loved when she wore the eyelashes when he visited. He also said it upset him when she didn’t wear the eyelashes and suggested to her that she should wear them. In a series of posts, Deezen said he would leave her a $20 tip but would leave the establishment when Lashbaugh wasn’t working.

WARNING: Strong language below.

‘Grease’ Star Respons to Harassment

Since then, the situation has escalated further. The “Grease” star responded to the harassment allegations in a series of Facebook posts on his public account. He accused the waitress of getting him banned from a few restaurants in his hometown.

He also accused the waitress of starting harassment against him. According to TMZ, Deezen says he’s received private messages from Lashbaugh’s friends blasting him. He accused the waitress of spreading rumors about him in an attempt to get attention

Deezen writes all of his posts in caps lock as well: “Ok, I am sure all of you have heard about my recent encounter with a sweet, innocent waitress who I supposedly traumatized. Well, it turns out this girl is not so sweet or innocent. She is an attention whore, she is a small-time, small-town lonely girl who is desperately craving attention. She has been spreading nasty, vile rumors about me here in my hometown of Cumberland, MD.”

As a result, Lashbaugh told the outlet she’s considering legal action and is meeting with a lawyer. Meanwhile, Deezen has continued on social media, accusing the waitress of being mean to his brother Rick.

“I am still getting these very mean, nasty pm’s from the waitress and her cronies,” he wrote. “They are cowards. My brother, Rick, is gay. I always noticed how rude and cold this waitress always was to my brother whenever he and I went there to eat. She seemed to look at him with disdain.”