Guns ‘N’ Roses Bassist Duff McKagan and Wife Speak Out About Their 22-Year Marriage

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

They have been married since 1999, and now Guns ’N’ Rose bandmate Duff McKagan and his wife Susan Holmes are opening up about the ultimate secret to their 22-year marriage. 

During a recent interview with People, Duff McKagan stated that he just can’t get enough of Susan. “You can’t have a bad day with her. If you’re having a difficult day, she’ll make it better,” the bassist explained.

He also shared that he loves everything about his wife and the amazing life they have. “We’re ride or die, as they say, these days.”

While speaking about her marriage to Duff McKagan, Susan shared, “It’s a balance. Just knowing and respecting each other’s careers. It’s a dance. We just genuinely enjoy each other’s company a lot. We have a lot of fun.”

When discussing how he and Susan keep the spark alive, Duff McKagan answered, “I just can’t get enough of her. I pinch myself. I’m super fortunate. You can never have a sh—y time with her.”

Susan then shared, “He just genuinely loves me for who I am. He loves me when I wake up and have bad breath, just, the not glamorous Sue. We’re very old-fashioned in a lot of respects, I guess.”

Duff McKagan went on to add that he believes there was something when he and Susan met. “There was a deeper thing and I knew I was going to love her. I knew it. And then four weeks went by, I’m like, ‘I’m completely overwhelmingly in love.’ And I’m not a hippie woo-woo person. But there was something old soul about us meeting.”

The bassist concludes that he felt something “timeless” about him and Susan when they met. “Timeless is the word.”

Duff McKagan and His Wife Open Up About Parenting Their Daughters

The couple notably met in the mid-’90s after meeting on a blind date. Duff McKagan stated the two meeting was fate. They have two daughters, 24-year-old Grace and 21-year-old Mae. Susan describes McKagan as the most amazing wholeheartedly wonderful husband father. “He’s a girl dad. He’s such a good girl dad.”

Duff McKagan stated that Susan is the best mom there ever was and she’s a natural. Susan further explained that their daughters are not embarrassed by them as much. “We’re just very close and I’m just so proud of our girls,” Susan stated. McKagan noted that the girls really look up to Susan. 

“And I think because we’re a married couple in love, they see that,” Duff McKagan shared. “I’m sure they’ve seen us work out stuff through the times of them growing up. They see, ‘Ok, this is like a solid relationship.’ And I think they aspire that.”