Guns ‘N Roses Defend Eddie Van Halen’s Son on Social Media as He Fires Back at Critics

by Chris Haney

On Monday, legendary rock band Guns N’ Roses came to the defense of their opening act, Wolfgang Van Halen, as he fired back at critics on social media.

Wolf is the son of guitar virtuoso Eddie Van Halen who passed away in October 2020 from throat cancer. Wolf is a musician himself as he recently released his own debut solo album. He obviously has the pedigree and even became the bassist for his father’s famous band as a teenager.

The talented musician has already toured all over the world with Van Halen. But it’s a different story this time as he recently hit the road to perform his own material. His solo project just released on June 11 under the name Mammoth WVH. In fact, the musician not only wrote every song on the 14-track record, but he also played every instrument. Unfortunately even that doesn’t seem to dissuade critics from continuously saying he’s riding his father’s coattails.

Wolfgang decided to engage with one of those critics yesterday. Mammoth WVH is currently on tour as the opener for Guns N’ Roses. It seems like a great pairing, but some aren’t pleased with the selection. Someone named Edward Jarrett ripped into Wolf on social media saying Eddie’s son “went straight to touring with GnR because of your last name.” The rocker responded and posted the interaction on his Instagram account for all to see.

Wolf Van Halen Responds, Guns N’ Roses Have His Back

Wolfgang Van Halen came out guns blazing with his honest and direct response. He admitted his last name helped open doors, but as he stated, it doesn’t guarantee sustained success. In addition, he added that “it certainly doesn’t write, record, sing, or play the songs for me either. I’m the one doing that.”

Wolf also posted a hilarious caption to his Instagram picture of the pair’s exchange. He joked that someone needs to take his phone away from him.

“Comment/Response. (I’m having too much fun today, someone please come take my phone away from me.),” Wolf Van Halen amusingly wrote on Instagram.

The youngest Van Halen also humbly added that Guns N’ Roses could “kick me off the tour anytime they want if it’s not working out.” The legendary main act his band is opening for immediately came to his defense.

Guns N’ Roses made sure to respond on Wolf’s post in support of their opener. They said directly to Wolfgang, “Don’t expect to be off the tour anytime soon.” The vote of confidence had to feel great for the 30-year-old musician.

As Eddie Van Halen’s son has learned the hard way in recent history, you’ll never be able to please everyone. But maybe one day fans will realize he’s not trying to be his dad. Wolf is simply trying to navigate a music career that is very much his own.