Guns N’ Roses Frontman Axl Rose Sends Out Rare Message After Conclusion of 2021 Tour

by Michael Freeman

Covid has complicated social gatherings for almost two years now, making certain events almost impossible. Nonetheless, bands like Guns N’ Roses found a way to tour during it. On that note, frontman Axl Rose recently thanked their fans for their support.

After having to cancel and reschedule some shows because of Covid, Guns N’ Roses toured this year in North America and will continue to tour next year. Recognizing the difficulty and safety concerns their tour could have presented, Axl Rose took to social media to thank fans for being there for them.

“Again huge thanks to everyone that came out to the shows,” the tweet begins. “A special thanks to everyone for working with us to help protect your safety, the safety of each other, the safety of r Crew N’ the venue’s crews following r Covid protocol. These R stressful times (which is an understatement) and your cooperation N’ Participation is greatly appreciated and not taken for granted.”

Identifying the danger Covid presented, Axl Rose reiterated how thankful they are for fans supporting them. “We didn’t take going into this tour lightly N’ there were huge industry considerations (N’ reasoning) to take into account in taking on such an endeavor N’ we truly want to thank everyone that came out or was involved in any way for making it great N’ that things ran as smoothly as they did!”

Ending the tweet, Axl thanks Wolfgang Van Halen and Mammoth (his solo project). He also states the band will see people again soon. Along those lines, the band postponed many tour dates thanks to Covid. Their Mexico, New Zealand, and Australian tour dates have been rescheduled to sometime in 2022.

Ex Guns N’ Roses Drummer Matt Sorum Discusses Slump Band Had in 1990s

Though the band is going strong now, Guns N’ Roses had its share of slumps. Speaking to Tone Deaf last month, ex-drummer Matt Sorum talked about a time in the 1990s where they couldn’t “get the musical thing going again.”

“We came off the road and everyone was so burned out,” Matt begins. “We were out there for two and half years. It was doing five or six nights a week and partying hard. We got home and we could just never really get the musical thing going again.”

Apparently, the band did try to make new music, but it just didn’t happen. Life caught up to everyone and it stifled them creatively. “We went in the studio and tried to write, and everybody had too much money, everyone bought houses, and went separate ways in a lot of ways. I wish we could have sat down and talked it out, but we just didn’t. And then I left. It becomes this crazy rollercoaster ride that you really couldn’t get off. It almost felt uncontrollable.”