Gwen Stefani Donates Massive Check from Las Vegas Residency to Children’s Charity

by Shelby Scott

Gwen Stefani’s three-year residency in Las Vegas comes to an end this Saturday. Now, the former “The Voice” coach has donated a generous check to one of the city’s children charities. From her efforts, the singer raised $185,000, relocating that sum in to Las Vegas’s nonprofit Cure 4 The Kids Foundation.

Gwen Stefani’s charitable effort began several years ago, when her Las Vegas residency kicked off in June 2018. At that time, she vowed to donate $1 for every ticket sold throughout the course of “Gwen Stefani – Just a Girl.”

According to People magazine, Cure 4 The Kids serves to benefit children facing life-threatening conditions. Their overall goal is to provide those individuals with the necessary medical care. These conditions could include severe and life-ending conditions such as cancer.

Further, while Gwen Stefani’s financially charitable efforts are remarkable, she has donated more than money to the important organization. The outlet stated she has also visited the medical center several times throughout her residency.

Already, her donations have enabled the foundation to move into a state-of-the-art building. Additionally, one of its patient exam rooms is done up in Stefani’s honor.

Of her efforts in benefitting the organization, Gwen Stefani said, “To actually be able to help children is just something I never thought I’d be able to do, and through music, here I am. It’s incredible.”

The artist further added input regarding the ease with which she followed both her passions throughout the residency. In pursuing her career as a singer, the monetary feat benefitted an organization that means a whole lot to Stefani.

Gwen Stefani Surprises Fans with Blake Shelton Appearance

While Gwen Stefani continues to steal fans’ hearts with her generous donation and dedication to Cure 4 The Kids, she also has snagged the hearts of country fans following her marriage to country music’s Blake Shelton.

The couple has made plenty of headlines, especially since their low-key wedding this past July. Now, however, as Stefani’s residency soon comes to a close, the star recently surprised fans with an unexpected appearance by none other than her lanky, drawling husband.

Earlier last week, Stefani was performing one of the several shows left in her “Just a Girl” residency, when she hinted to the crowd she had come with an entirely unexpected guest singer.

Prior to Shelton’s appearance on stage, Stefani states, “I love you guys. But I hate to tell you this. I love somebody else even more than I love you.”

She then screams her husband’s name although, frustratingly, nothing happens. A long pause goes by before she screams the country star’s name again and he finally comes onstage.

What a way to close out one of your final shows. Check out the clip here to see the awesome surprise announcement.