Gwen Stefani Drops Incredible Throwback Snaps: ‘No, It Wasn’t Halloween Then’

by Thad Mitchell

When it comes to fashion and music, former No Doubt lead singer Gwen Stefani has always had her own style.

Her new hit single “Let Me Reintroduce Myself” is doing quite well on the charts and has reenergized the singer’s fanbase. With the help of her future husband, country music star Blake Shelton, Stefani also put an entertaining video for the song.

After much hype and a countdown to New Year’s Day before appearing on YouTube, the music video has an interesting concept. It shows Stefani through previous years and her evolution in both her music career and fashion tastes.

Gwen Stefani Using Social Media to Show Off Past Looks

The “Just a Girl” and “Don’t Speak” singer has also been active on social media to promote the song and upcoming album. She recently took to Instagram to share a “throwback” photo with her fans and social media followers. The picture shows a younger Stefani walking a red carpet while donning her “wild side” attire. She jokes that the outfit would make a creative Halloween costume now that she looks back on it.

“No, it wasn’t Halloween then…and it isn’t now,” the singer writes in the post’s caption space along with a blue heart emoji.

Stefani doesn’t specify when the photo was taken but the look is one she often took up during her days with No Doubt. Blue seems to the be theme for her red carpet look with hair a light blue and a blue fuzzy top. She has small, sparkly beads around her eyes and is showing off her ultra fit physique with mid drift completely exposed.

The punk rocker look is one that she frequently used in the mid to late 1990’s before going for a more traditional look later on. Now that she has “reintroduced” herself to fans and supporters, one wonders what Stefani’s next look might be.