Gwen Stefani Jokes She Was Like ‘Green Acres’ Lisa Douglas on Blake Shelton’s Ranch During Quarantine

by Matthew Wilson

During the pandemic, Gwen Stefani has gone country. The singer is channeling her best Lisa Douglas from the classic sitcom “Green Acres.”

The singer joked that her life has become very much like that sitcom. Stefani has spent much of the COVID-19 pandemic living on her fiance Blake Shelton’s ranch in Oklahoma. The city gal had to adjust to life in the country. And in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the talk show host compared Stefani’s situation to the rural sitcom. Stefani quickly agreed she was living like Douglas.

“Green Acres” revolves around Oliver Douglas and his wife Lisa. The two are a New York wealthy couple that leaves the city for the country to pursue a career as a farmer. On the show, Lisa continued to dress lavishly despite facing challenges and hard work as a farmer. Stefani confessed she didn’t glamor herself up like Douglas. But she’d let DeGeneres imagine that she did.

Stefani has been adjusting to life on a ranch. During the pandemic, Stefani took on various responsibilities around the house.

“It’s the first time I ever spent that amount of time basically manning the house. We had about 12 people there,” Stefani said. “I was cooking. I was cleaning, doing laundry, homeschooling. Like zooming. It was a lot. And it was a lot of fun at the same time. We did stuff like we found a baby armadillo, we found baby hogs we were raising. We cut trees, like I did like chainsaw. All of it. Everything you can think of we did it.”

Gwen Stefani Plans Her Wedding

Shelton has a 12,000-acre property in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. The ranch is located south Of Oklahoma City. Currently, Stefani and Shelton are planning a wedding at the ranch. A lot is still up in the air due to the pandemic. But the couple is planning a small, intimate wedding.

So far, Stefani has enjoyed her stay.

“It’s not that green right now, but it’s pretty magic, I have to say,” Stefani said. “I had no idea myself that it was such an amazing place, but it kind of feels like you go into a portal, and you’re like all of the sudden in nature, and I get to be like face to face with Blake Shelton every day.”

Stefani and Shelton are planning to have their wedding at some point in 2021. So far, Shelton wants Miley Cyrus to be one of the guests.