Gwen Stefani Makes Epic Return to Live Concerts After ’18 Months of No Shows’: Photos

by Leanne Stahulak

Gwen Stefani hit the stage by herself for the first time since the pandemic started. She performed at the Solheim Cup Fan Fest event in Toledo, Ohio.

Live concerts obviously took a hiatus last year, during the height of COVID. But since people started getting vaccinated, live shows have finally started up again this year. And both fans and performers are beyond ready to get into concert mode again after too long of a break.

Gwen Stefani celebrated her return to the stage with a series of Instagram photos. She posted them from Toledo last night, where she rocked leopard pants and a matching top with a sparkly jacket thrown over it. Based on the pics, it looks like the pop superstar completely threw herself into the performance, having the time of her life. Her caption only confirms it.

“They let me back on stage after 18 months of no-shows and 8 weeks of eating wedding cake 🎂!! thank u #Toledo #Ohio what a great vibe u have! my whole body hurts today cause of u,” Stefani captioned the post.

The wedding cake comes courtesy of her and her husband Blake Shelton tying the knot this summer. The two got hitched on July 3, and they spent a short honeymoon in Oklahoma before hitting the road. Gwen Stefani joined Shelton on his country music tour, even appearing on stage sporadically to sing duets with him.

But Friday’s Toledo concert was Stefani’s first solo event in 18 months. She played all her own songs, either from her solo albums or her time with the 90s band No Doubt. And it sounds like the night was a roaring success.

Local Artists Praise Gwen Stefani’s Toledo Performance

Before Stefani performed in Toledo on Friday night, some of the other performers talked with The Blade about how excited they were to see her perform.

Per the outlet, Stefani and country star Chris Young were the headlining acts. Other local groups opened for the two superstars, including Jeff Stewart, Amelia Airharts, Ramona Collins, Chris Salyer, Black Swamp Rebels, and Electrik Circus.

Cari Langenderfer, the rhythm guitarist for Amelia Airharts, couldn’t believe she shared the stage with Gwen Stefani.

“It’s pretty awesome. I grew up listening to No Doubt and followed Gwen [Stefani] when she branched off,” Langenderfer said. “It’s great that musicians are back performing again. It’s nice to be able to get out and do shows, and we feel very fortunate to be a part of things getting back to some normalcy. We’re happy to be there and are glad to play a major show that’s happening downtown.”

Artist Jeff Stewart agreed. “This is going to be great for the city. There’s going to be a lot of people downtown ready for a good time. Gwen Stefani is a stunning person, and I’m looking forward to seeing her perform and the magic she brings to the stage. In general, I’m looking forward to being downtown and celebrating our city that I love. It’s an honor to be a part of the celebration,” Stewart said.