Gwen Stefani Mentions New Song in the Works, Asks Fans, ‘When Are U Guys Gonna be Around?’

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Gwen Stefani has something up her sleeve. The singer-songwriter, who recently got engaged to Blake Shelton, says that a new song is in the works.

But, Stefani took to Twitter to ask her fans when she should release the song. Stefani’s tweet has sent fans into a frenzy, with people begging her to release the song as soon as possible.

Artists like to release songs when music traffic is high. That usually occurs when people have a chunk of free time on their hands.

Stefani says that she has a new song and jokingly asks when people are free. β€œWhen are you guys gonna be around?”

Well, with the whole Covid-19 pandemic still raging these days, it seems like the vast majority of people are pretty free. One user points this out sarcastically to her. So, if you’re free sometime soon, let Stefani know.

Gwen Stefani Receives Hundreds of Responses

Yup! Certainly free.

Fans are going nuts about being left hanging on the release date. And people are insistent that Stefani releases the song as soon as it’s ready.

One fan joking uses her whole (future) name to try and coax the song out of the singer.

Regardless of when Stefani puts her song out, fans are over the moon about the announcement. One fan perfectly utilizes a meme of Stanley from β€œThe Office” to share their excitement.

Although Stefani put out a new edition of her song β€œHere This Christmas” in late October, her latest song is with Shelton. β€œHappy Anywhere” was released in mid-July as the couple celebrates their love for each other.

While most Americans are stuck working at home, they have the luxury of listening to music while they work. So, there is plenty of room to work with for Stefani to release her new song.

Whenever the song does come out, people are ready for it.