Gwen Stefani Opens Up About How Wedding-Planning is Going With ‘Best Friend’ Blake Shelton

by Will Shepard

Gwen Stefani is opening up about her wedding planning with Blake Shelton. In a recent interview with ET Canada, she talks about how much fun planning a dream wedding with her best friend, Shelton.

During the interview, she is overflowing with happiness. She also talks about how Miley Cyrus might be singing at their wedding after the singer pitched performing to the couple.

Even though the interview is relatively short, you can certainly get the idea that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are having a blast together. They are truly the epitome of an amazing couple.

In the video interview, Gwen Stefani is first asked about her plans for the future and what they are going to entail. She happily launches into a synopsis of her past year.

“Let’s talk about the word plans right now, which is a dirty word, right? Because nobody is making plans right now. It’s just one of those things that we just don’t know what’s going to happen next. I think that last year was obviously a rough year for everyone. That’s an understatement.”

Gwen Stefani’s Best Friend and Life Partner

She says that even though last year was incredibly difficult, there is a lot to be thankful for. She was able to create a whole album. But, she adds with a smile that it was made completely with Zoom.

But, in my personal life, I actually had an amazing year being in quarantine and living the simple kind of life. Not knowing what was going to happen next as far as being together, and that was a really amazing way to pause.”

After, Gwen Stefani starts talking about the wedding plans with Blake Shelton. She takes a second to explain that wedding planning is tough.

“We can’t really plan the wedding because we don’t know what’s happening. I think that we’re sort of just putting a target and date out there and seeing if we can work backward.”

But, Gwen Stefani says that the two are having fun in the planning process. And most importantly, she notes that they are each other’s, soul mates.

“It’s exciting, it’s also kind of [nerve racking]. It’s just really about, for me, more than I have this amazing best friend that is my guy in life, and I feel so grateful.”

Certainly, Gwen Stefani is thankful to be with Blake. Even though the two are having a hard time planning the wedding during a pandemic, they still have each other. The two are clearly perfect for each other and a model partnership.