Gwen Stefani Pens Sweet Message for Son Kingston’s 15th Birthday

by Katie Maloney

Happy Birthday to Gwen Stefani’s son, Kingston!

Gwen Stefani and former husband Gavin Rossdale’s oldest son, Kingston, just turned 15-years old. The two share three sons together, Kingston, Zuma and Apollo. Like the great mom she is, Gwen celebrated the day by sharing a photo of her son on Instagram. And it looks like Kingston is following in both his mother and father’s footsteps. The photo shows Kingston strumming his guitar. So, will Kingston become a famous singer like his mom and dad? We may just have to wait a few more birthdays before we know the answer to that question. but with orange hair and his guitar skills, he’s well on his way to becoming the next big edgy rocker.

Along with the photo Gwen wrote, “happy 15th b day to my beautiful boy @kingsrossdale_ love u mom gx.”

Blake Shelton Opened Up About Being A Step-Dad To Gwen Stefani’s Sons

Kingston has a lot to celebrate this year – his 15th birthday, two great parents, and a soon-to-be stepdad who loves being a part of his life. What more could you ask for? Well, he’s a teenager so he’s probably asking for a lot more. Nevertheless, he has a lot to be happy about this birthday. During an interview, Blake Shelton, who will marry Gwen Stefani later this year, talked about his role as a future step-dad.

“I don’t know if it’s as hard or harder or not as hard as being an actual, biological parent, you know?” said Shelton.

Shelton added that his own stepfather has been his inspiration when navigating his new role with Gwen Stefani and her kids.

“I have a stepfather in my life who’s one of my heroes. I love my stepfather and I look up to him and he’s like a father to me, so I have a good inspiration in my life for how to do this and the kind of stepdad I want to be,” said Shelton. “And I take it very serious.”

But don’t worry, Shelton assured listeners that he doesn’t take it so seriously that he doesn’t have fun with the kids. He said he also makes time to “have a blast” with his new family.

“But I also have a blast with it, I’m not gonna lie,” said Shelton. “I don’t take it so serious that I’m not enjoying this time because I really am, especially now that we’re five years into this thing. I can’t imagine my life without these kids now.”