Gwen Stefani Shares Hilarious Video ‘Reminiscing’ About Her ‘Looks’ From Previous ‘The Voice’ Seasons

by Chris Haney

On Tuesday evening, pop singer and The Voice coach Gwen Stefani shared an amusing video compiled of some of her fashion choices from the show.

In preparation for tonight’s live edition of the singing competition, the pop star shared the short clip on Twitter. She shows off seven of her blind audition “looks” from each season. Of course, her eclectic style is highlighted by a wide range of wardrobe choices. In the video, each time she hits her chair’s “Choice Button,” the clip changes to the next outfit.

First, she’s seen in a shiny striped tank top with slits down the side paired with a white-lined black blazer. Then, the video cuts to the star wearing an all-red outfit. It includes red pants and a red sequin-like top with only one sleeve. Next, the video shows her spin around in her chair while wearing a silver fringed top.

Additionally, she is seen wearing a gold and silver bejeweled outfit with her shoulders and arms exposed. Finally, her last outfit might be the most wild of them all. She’s dressed in a silver shimmery and sparkly jumper with long sleeves, jewels and mirror-like accents.

“Reminiscing on my blind audition looks by season. Who’s tuning into tonight’s live show!? #TheVoice,” she tweeted.

Stefani Wears New Engagement Ring on ‘The Voice’

On Monday night, the celebrity showed up to The Voice donning her newest jewelry on TV for the first time: her new engagement ring.

Stefani said “yes” to her fellow The Voice coach and country star Blake Shelton‘s proposal in October. But, fans are just now catching their first glimpse of her wearing the engagement ring on the show.

Previous to Monday night’s episode, all other recent shows were filmed before the couple’s engagement a couple months back. Therefore, fans of the show are just now seeing the pair as an engaged couple on The Voice.

During last night’s show, Shelton even acknowledged the couple’s engagement while complimenting a contestant’s performance.

“Not to be weird, my fianceé’s right there … I love you guys,” Shelton said to the group Worth the Wait.

In addition, The Voice host Carson Daly also mentioned the couple’s recent engagement. As he welcomed country singer Ben Allen to the stage, he called him the musician that “Gwen stole from her fiancé” during the show’s knockout round.