Gwen Stefani Shows Off ‘Country’ Photo of Her and Blake Shelton After ‘The Voice’ Finale

by Jennifer Shea

Singer and “The Voice” coach Gwen Stefani took to Instagram Wednesday to share a picture of herself and fellow coach Blake Shelton in country-style outfits.

“@blakeshelton @nbcthevoice #county gx,” Stefani posted alongside the picture.

Comfortable Cowboy and Colorful Cowgirl

In the photo, Stefani is sporting a green, blue and navy top with cutoff black shorts and fishnets, plus magenta cowgirl boots and a cowboy hat. Shelton is wearing jeans, a dark blue shirt and flannel top.

“The Voice” just wrapped up Season 19. Further, in the finale, 15-year-old Carter Rubin won the trophy. And, as his coach, Stefani also nabbed her first win after five seasons on “The Voice.”

When this season kicked off, USA Today points out, Stefani vowed that she was going to “get a win” despite her fiancee’s triumph last season. And sure enough, she did.

Gwen Stefani Wins the Season

“You are so special as a human being,” Stefani told Rubin. “I just loved getting to know you. You’re inspiring. Thank you for choosing me [as your coach].” 

When Rubin won, he hid his face in his hands. It was up to Stefani to repeatedly shout, “You won!”

As his coach, Stefani clearly wanted to hug Rubin. But due to pandemic safety guidelines, they had to stay socially distanced.

For his part, Shelton said this season was unique because it almost didn’t happen thanks to Covid-19. 

“Just a few months ago, we weren’t even sure we were going to be able have a season,” he said. “And now to see that we’ve been able to do this thing. I don’t feel like we’ve missed anything, outside of the studio audience.”

In the end, Team Stefani was pitted against Team Shelton. But in a tweet after the finale, Shelton suggested he’s not holding his loss against Stefani.

“I’ll let this one slide,” Shelton tweeted. “@carterjrubin… if anyone beat #TeamBlake, I’m glad it’s you!!!!”