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Gwen Stefani Sounds Off as Her Former ‘The Voice’ Champion Releases New Single

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic)

“The Voice” coach Gwen Stefani couldn’t be prouder of her former champion Carter Rubin, whose new single is out today.

Rubin competed in Season 19 of the hit singing competition and won the whole thing at just 15 years old. Now 16, he’s ready to release his new single, “horoscope,” for listeners everywhere.

Stefani, who coached five seasons of “The Voice” but only ever won with Rubin, may be his #1 fan. She sent out a congratulatory tweet earlier today along with a clip from Rubin’s single.

“I am SO proud of @carterjrubin for releasing his new song AND video #horosope!! Go check it out! Sending you love Carter,” Gwen Stefani captioned the tweet. Take a listen to Rubin’s angelic voice in the video below.

Rubin quickly responded to his former coach’s message, writing, “GWEN !!!!! I love u, thanks for EVERYTHING.”

Even the official “The Voice” Twitter account shared his song and video. “Listening to this on repeat for the rest of the day,” the show’s caption read.

Rubin thanks Gwen Stefani for his success on the show, from the moment she turned for him to the moment he won on live TV.

“If I had a motive to win, it was definitely for Gwen because she is such an excellent coach, and she deserves all the credit in the world,” Rubin told PEOPLE in December 2020. “Somehow she hadn’t won yet, which is crazy because she’s so excellent at what she does. I was so lucky and so happy to give her the win that she so deserves.”

Former ‘The Voice’ Champion Explains How Gwen Stefani was Like a ‘Mom’ to Him

Because Carter Rubin was a minor on the show, his actual mom did travel with him to Los Angeles for the show. But in many ways, Gwen Stefani acted like a mom for the singing sensation too.

“She was my Voice mom, like a motherly figure,” he said. “We always joked about how I have my real mom here, and I have my Voice mom. It was just so much fun working with her.”

Even now, almost a year later, we can see the impact Stefani’s influence had on the former “The Voice” champion. He acknowledge it last year right after winning, and hopefully, he’ll carry it throughout the rest of his music career.

“She always told me to just believe in myself and be myself on that stage because that’s what she did in this industry,” Rubin said. “That really helped me with my confidence. She’s incredible. I think the win, for sure, helped with my confidence. I just know a lot of people are so proud of me and really wanted this for me. I am super happy with the way things turned out.”