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Gwen Stefani Would Love to Be in a Hallmark Movie With Blake Shelton ‘When We’re a Grandma and Grandpa’

by Jacklyn Krol
Paul Archuleta, Getty Images

Gwen Stefani is opening up about her dream of being in a Hallmark movie with her fiancé Blake Shelton.

Believe it or not, Shelton is not only a musician but a movie executive producer. He produced three Christmas Hallmark films. Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas is Shelton’s latest movie. It follows Time for You to Come Home for Christmas in 2019 and 2018’s Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas. The films were inspired by Shelton’s song, “Time for Me to Come Home.”

Home & Family hosts asked if they would see Stefani act in an upcoming T.V. movie for the channel. “That is so weird that you asked me that,” Stefani began. “Because we started watching [the movies] last week when we were doing our Thanksgiving. That’s one thing we’ve bonded over is watching Hallmark movies.”

“I said to him, we should do this, we should do it when we’re like a grandma and grandpa,” she said of starring in a film. “Wouldn’t that be so cool to come back and be in a Hallmark movie?” When the host said that their love story could be a plot, Stefani agreed. “That is true,” she admitted.

Gwen’s Request for Dolly Parton

During the interview, Gwen Stefani made a request for Dolly Parton. After the live stream, Stefani was gifted Christmas-inspired guitars. “I’ve got to ask… Dolly Parton has to teach me how to play guitar with nails,” Stefani joked.

Parton’s hit “9 to 5,” was created through her fingernails. “I did it on my fingernails,” Parton revealed. “It sounds like a typewriter. I didn’t have my guitar because I didn’t want to get too scattered because we were trying to stay in the mood and they were doing lights and all of that. So I would just look around and get ideas watching whatever was going on the set. It was about women in the workplace. I would just kind of play my little fingers then go back to the hotel at night and write down the words.”