Happy 83rd Birthday, Buck Taylor: Celebrate the ‘Gunsmoke’ Actor’s Best Moments

by Joe Rutland

Buck Taylor, best known to “Gunsmoke” fans as Newly O’Brien, turns 83 years old on Thursday, May 13. Let’s celebrate and look at his career.

Taylor played O’Brien between 1967-75 on the CBS hit western. He became a deputy under Marshal Matt Dillon, played by James Arness. His career has been filled with western TV and film appearances, but Taylor has done more than those roles.

In recent years, fans of “Yellowstone” have seen him appear as Emmitt Walsh, a ranch hand who works at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Before going any further, yes, Taylor is alive and living in Los Angeles. His father was Dub Taylor, a famous character actor who also can be seen in films and TV shows in different roles.

Today, though, we’re celebrating Buck’s birthday and say thanks to the “Gunsmoke” star.

‘Tombstone’ Offers Taylor a Chance to Play Alongside Lead in 1993

Western film fans still hold the 1993 flick “Tombstone” near and dear to their hearts. It’s no surprise to see Taylor make an appearance in such an iconic movie.

He plays Turkey Creek Jack Johnson among a cast of actors like Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, and Sam Elliott.

Take a look at this video of Taylor from “Gunsmoke” and Kilmer chatting it up between scenes.

‘Truce’ Lets Taylor Show Acting Range in 2003 Film

Taylor portrayed a man at odds with life in the 2003 movie “Truce.”

He plays Harry Dodds, a rancher trying to keep his ranch alive while dealing with the issues of his granddaughter. Samantha Droke plays Jenny, the granddaughter.

In this scene, AD, played by Barry Tubb, offers a way out to help Dodds solve his problems. It’s quite a different role from the one on “Gunsmoke.” Take a look at this moment from “Truce.”

‘Gunsmoke’ Actor Taylor Shows Off Watercolor Painting Artist Side of His Life

Beyond his work on the small screen on “Gunsmoke,” Buck Taylor has been busy selling his watercolor paintings. A lot of them reflect the lifestyle of the Great American West.

Back in October 2020, Taylor was featured in a segment on KOLR10 News about him and his artwork being up for sale in Silver Dollar City, Ark. Enjoy this brief look at Taylor showing off his work prior to an in-person event.

‘Gunsmoke’ Star Also Appeared in Other TV Series in His Career

While reruns of “Gunsmoke” fill TV screens all over the world, did you know that Buck Taylor appeared in other series?

He did either in guest-star or cast roles. Those shows include “Death Falley Days,” “Barnaby Jones,” “The Sacketts,” “Matt Houston,” “T.J. Hooker,” “Dallas,” “Knots Landing,” and “Walker, Texas Ranger.”

Taylor has done pretty good for a guy who still is known for his role as Newly. Reportedly, he is living in Fort Worth, Texas, with his second wife. He also provides fans with an inside look to his artwork thanks to his website.

From all of us at Outsider, we want to wish Buck Taylor a very happy birthday.