Happy Birthday Alan Hale Jr.: Remembering the ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Star’s Best Moments

by Joe Rutland

It’s time to remember the talent of actor Alan Hale Jr., “The Skipper” on “Gilligan’s Island.” He would have been 100 years old today.

For three seasons on CBS and in made-for-TV movies years later, Hale played sidekick to Bob Denver’s “Gilligan.” Their timing on “Gilligan’s Island” is a bit reminiscent of comedy teams like Laurel and Hardy. Maybe in their manic moments, Hale and Denver had a taste of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis from their heyday.

Hale comes from an acting family as his father, Alan Hale Sr., was a character actor in movies. The son managed to follow in Dad’s footsteps on both the big screen and the small screen.

Instagram account @doyouremember_ig put out a picture of Hale and Denver in character on Monday.

Now, let’s take a few minutes to look back at some of Hale’s best moments on the classic CBS comedy and beyond.

Hale: ‘Thanks A Lot, Gilligan’ From ‘Gilligan’s Island’

In those moments of frustration with his “Little Buddy,” what would “The Skipper” sometimes say? Yep, he said, “Thanks a lot, Gilligan.”

This became a bit of a catch-phrase throughout the show’s run. In a series of clips from the show, you can watch an exasperated Hale give Denver a piece of his mind. Probably, he would have liked to have given him a piece of a tree at times, too.

Enjoy watching the brief interactions as Hale cashes in for the laughs.

Radio Free Gilligan Seeks Punch From ‘The Skipper’

OK, so in one episode, “Gilligan” received the ability to be a radio. Let’s not get caught in the little details here. Just go along with me.

He loses this ability. It frustrates him to the point where he asks “The Skipper” to punch him in the mouth. Why? Because “Gilligan” would be able to get his radio powers back.

Some of the premises on “Gilligan’s Island” may be a bit much to take. But aren’t we here for the laughs? I thought so, too.

Watch Hale and Denver work their magic, along with some of the other castaways, in this very funny scene.

Holy Crossover Appearance! It’s ‘The Skipper’ On ‘Batman’

So we’re looking back at some of Alan Hale Jr.’s best moments on “Gilligan’s Island.” Yet can we just take a minute to observe one time where Hale was “Gilligan”?

No, he didn’t put on the red shirt and sailor’s white hat. In 1966, Hale makes a cameo appearance on “Batman,” one of TV’s hottest shows at that time. You’ll notice Chief O’Hara, portrayed by Stafford Repp, come into a coffee shop and sit down.

Who comes out to greet him? “The Skipper.” No, wait, it’s “Gilligan.” What? In this scene from “Batman,” Hale is called “Gilligan” by Chief O’Hara. Oh, and the bald-headed dude who addles up next to Chief O’Hara? Watch out for “Egghead,” played beautifully by Vincent Price.

‘The Skipper’ Bosses ‘Gilligan’ Around On The Island

Finally, let’s wrap up our sojourn down Memory Lane with Alan Hale Jr. by showing a few instances of him playing boss.

You know, calling for “Gilligan” to help with the island chores or some other reason. That “Skipper” dude could be a big pain in the rear sometimes. Poor “Gilligan” gets pulled away from helping Mr. and Mrs. Howell, played by Jim Backus and Natalie Schafer.

He also is hooked into helping solve other problems, too. It’s a comedy tour-de-force in this sequence of scenes from “Gilligan’s Island.”

There are many more scenes from Hale’s work on “Gilligan’s Island” that could be used. With this sampling, though, from that show and even “Batman,” you can get a taste of his acting abilities.

Alan Hale Jr. made an impression as Captain Jonas Grumby, “The Skipper,” on “Gilligan’s Island.” He’ll never be forgotten.