Happy Birthday Amy Carlson: Celebrating the Former ‘Blue Bloods’ Star’s Best Moments

by Katie Maloney

Happy Birthday, Amy Carlson!

The former “Blue Bloods” actor turns 53 today! But Amy Carlson is more than just an actor, she’s also a world traveler. Carlson was born in Glen Ellyn, Illinois on July 7, 1968, and spent most of her life traveling the world with her parents. According to IMDB, both of her parents were teachers so the family spent every summer camping around the United States or backpacking across Europe. She even lived in the middle east for a time as a kid while her parents taught at the American School. However, it wasn’t until Amy found the theater that her real adventure began. After graduating college, Amy moved back to Chicago where she studied improv. It wasn’t long after that that her career really took off. And today, in honor of her birthday, we’re highlighting some of Amy Carlson’s best career moments.

When She Landed Her First Television Role

In 1993 Amy Carlson became a series regular on the popular soap opera, “Another World.” Carlson played
Josie Watts for five years. She was even nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in the category of “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Daytime Drama Series” for her work on the show. Although she had made appearances in a few movies and TV shows previously, her role on “Another World” really carved out her spot in Hollywood.

Amy Carlson in “Another World”

When She Played Alex Taylor In ‘Third Watch’

Amy Carlson never shied away from playing strong-willed women. And her character on the TV series “Third Watch” was no different. Carlson played Alex Taylor, a paramedic and a firefighter for the FDNY. Not only did she help citizens around the city, but she wasn’t afraid to put people in their place either. This wasn’t Carlson’s first time acting on a drama that centered around police/first responders. She had also appeared on “Law & Order” and “Law & Order: Trial by Jury.” However, her role as Alex Taylor really seemed to pave the way for her work on “Blue Bloods.”

When She Played Katie Owens On ‘Peacemakers’

Some actors’ performances are so good they seem to transcend time. And we’re willing to say that’s exactly what happened during this crime drama set in the 1800s. “Peacemakers” followed two law enforcement officers in the west as the evolution of forensic science was just beginning. Carlson plays a local mortician named Katie Owens who teams up with Federal Marshal Jared Stone, and ex-Pinkerton Agent Larimer Finch to form Silver City, Colorado’s newest crime-fighting team.

When Amy Carlson Starred On ‘Blue Bloods’

And now for the role we’re most excited about: Amy Carlson as Linda Reagan on “Blue Bloods.” For the show, Carlson brought the depth and complexity of Linda and Danny Reagan‘s marriage to life. Fans loved to watch the dynamic between Linda, an ER nurse, and her husband Danny, the New York police officer. Carlson spent seven years with the show before leaving “Blue Bloods.” Her departure was so abrupt that her character was written off in a helicopter crash (offscreen).

Amy Carlson as Linda Reagan on “Blue Bloods”