Happy Birthday Carol Burnett: Relive Some of the Iconic Actress’ Funniest Moments

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Happy 88th birthday, Carol Burnett!

Best known for her starring role on The Carol Burnett Show that aired in the 1960s-70s, Carol Burnett is a comedy icon and actress. Burnett displayed serious comedy chops during a time when women were often overlooked in the comedy industry. In a big way, Burnett was a pioneer and paved the way for some of the greatest female comedians today. So, to celebrate such a special day, we’re compiling a list of some of Carol Burnetts funniest career moments.

When Carol Burnett Poked Fun at Toilet Paper Commercials

One of the coolest things about comedy is that you can use it to deliver significant messages. And Carol Burnett definitely did that in her show. For this sketch, Burnett pokes fun at the completely ridiculous and unrealistic standards that women, especially moms, face. During the hilarious sketch, a woman’s children run away forever, her daughter joining a motorcycle gang because the toilet paper she buys is not soft enough. Her husband also leaves her and her neighbors threaten to kick her out of the neighborhood all because she chose the wrong toilet paper brand.

The hilarious toilet paper sketch from The Carol Burnett Show.

When She Created the Spin-Off Show Mama’s Family

When She Played Mrs. Hannigan in Annie

The best actors can bring something that audiences connect with to even the cruelest of characters. And Carol Burnett definitely did that when she played mean Mrs. Hannigan, who ran an orphanage, in Annie. During this scene, she drunkenly sings about hating little girls, despite being responsible for many at her orphanage. Even though we’re slightly concerned for the safety of those kids, Burnett manages to make us laugh throughout the scene.

Carol Burnett in Annie

When Carol Burnett Got a Little Sentimental While Accepting Her Lifetime Achievement Award

One thing that many people don’t realize is that to be funny, a comedian has to be able to connect with both the dark and light moments in life. Because comedians are able to do this so well, they can move people to both happy or sad tears in a matter of moments. Burnett did exactly that when she delivered her acceptance speech in 2019 after receiving the Golden Globes Lifetime Achievement Award. During her speech, she cracked jokes while also being sentimental. It was the perfect mix and the speech was beautiful.

Carol Burnett accepts the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Globes.