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Happy Birthday Chris O’Donnell: Celebrating the ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ and ‘Batman Forever’ Star on His 51st

by Katie Maloney
HOLLYWOOD, CA - MARCH 21: Actor Chris O'Donnell attends The Paley Center For Media's 34th Annual PaleyFest Los Angeles "NCIS: Los Angeles" at Dolby Theatre on March 21, 2017 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

Happy Birthday Chris O’Donnell!

The “NCIS: Los Angeles” star turns 51 today. And to celebrate, we’re highlighting some of our favorite moments from his career. So, in no particular order, here are a few of Chris O’Donnell’s most memorable show business accomplishments.

When He Played Buddy Threadgoode In ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’

Certainly “Fried Green Tomatoes” is an iconic film. With a star-studded cast, and two Academy Award and Golden Globes nominations, fans were deeply moved by the story of the film. Chris O’Donnell certainly landed a breakthrough role in the film as Buddy Threadgoode. He plays the charming and upbeat love interest to young Ruth, Mary-Louise Parker. Unfortunately, a train accident takes his life suddenly.

Fried Green Tomatoes trailer

When He Starred Alongside a Hollywood Icon in ‘Scent Of A Woman’

It’s not easy to hold your own next to a star as iconic as Al Pacino. But Chris O’Donnell did just that when he starred alongside Pacino in “Scent of a Woman.” During the film O’Donnell reluctantly agrees to act as a caretaker to a blind military vet (played by Pacino). He has no idea what he’s in for when he meets the old, outspoken curmudgeon. The movie really proved that O’Donnell had some serious acting chops.

Chris O’Donnell and Al Pacino in “Scent of a Woman”

When Chris O’Donnell Became a Superhero

Chris O’Donnell took on the role of Batman’s right-hand-man, Robin, in 1995 for “Batman Forever.” O’Donnell helped Batman as he faced off with both Two-Face and The Riddler. He reprised the role two years later for “Batman & Robin.” However, during an interview in 2015 O’Donnell revealed that he was hesitant to take the role at first.

“I grew up watching Batman and how could you not? But at the same time, I knew what a huge thing it was. Do I want to be a part of this? Do I want to be known as Robin?'” said O’Donnell. “I remember sitting in the car and going, ‘What am I going to do?’ And I was like, ‘I’m in. I’m going to do it!'”

Chris O’Donnell as Robin in “Batman Forever”

When He Joined The ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Cast

Chris O’Donnell first got a taste of the ‘NCIS‘ franchise in 2009 when he joined the show’s cast for two episodes titled “Legend: Part 1” and “Legend: Part 2.” During the two-part episode, Gibbs and his team investigate the murder of a Marine. They travel to Los Angeles to team up with the NCIS Office of Special Projects in LA. While there they meet, G. Callen played by O’Donnell. The episode was one of those famous crossover episodes that introduced a new spin-off series. Shortly after the episodes aired, “NCIS: Los Angeles” premiered and O’Donnell has been with the show ever since.

Chris O’Donnell in “NCIS: Los Angeles”