Happy Birthday Chuck Norris: Relive the Hollywood Icon’s Best Moments

by Will Shepard

Chuck Norris turns 81 years old today. So, let’s take a look back at some of his most iconic moments on-screen.

Chuck Norris will always live on, regardless of whether it is related to his work in television and movies. His incredible persona has inspired some amazing one-liner jokes.

Outside of the jokes based in his personality, his work on the screen has made for some amazing scenes. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at a handful of those scenes.

First, the scene with Bruce Lee stands out as one of Chuck Norris’ best moments on-screen. He was teaching martial arts while in Los Angeles when he met Bruce Lee.

After getting to know each other, Bruce Lee decided to include him in the 1972 movie, The Way of the Dragon. In the movie, Chuck Norris plays Colt, who is one of the martial arts experts. His character is set to stop Bruce Lee’s character from beating up all of the local bad guys.

The fight between the two of them will stand the test of time as one of the most iconic martial arts fights. Even though Chuck Norris’ character loses the fight, it is easily one of his best moments on-screen.

He almost beats Bruce Lee but is completely exhausted, and Lee breaks his arm and leg. But, Colt is not done yet and won’t give up, so Bruce Lee has to eventually kill him.

Chuck Norris Beats Up the Entire Gang in “Code of Silence”

Because of Bruce Lee’s introduction to film for Chuck Norris, his career took off. Even though he was working in B-movies, his martial arts skills were making him famous.

In 1985, he finally got his big break with Code of Silence. For those who don’t remember, this is an action movie about dirty cops collaborating with gangs. The movie saw Chuck Norris grow from a regular action star to a bonafide star.

Arguably the best scene in the movie comes when Chuck Norris won’t lie to defend a dirty cop. This immediately causes a rift between him and other cops. So he takes off into the gang’s hideout and is instantly surrounded by the gang.

Consequently, Chuck Norris fights the entire gang of roughly 20 people. Even though he loses this wonderful fight, he beats up probably half of the bad guys.

The Plane Scene From “Delta Force’

After becoming a movie star in Code of Silence, Chuck Norris became an elite member of the U.S. military. In the 1986 movie Delta Force, he plays Col. Scott McCoy. Because the first movie did so well, there was a sequel made for him to star in as well.

Another of his incredibly memorable on-screen moments comes in Delta Force 2. In the scene, he and his Delta Force are extracting a drug kingpin from a plane.

While Chuck Norris is getting the drug lord out of the plane, the kingpin is pleading for Col. Scott McCoy to let him go. So, he promptly drops him, and the drug lord flies towards earth with nothing to save him.

But, Chuck Norris has a plan. He jumps out of the plane with a parachute and somehow catches up to the falling bad guy. He manages to get him and the kingpin to safety without harm.

Walker, Texas Ranger Breaks Out in the Pilot Episode

Arguably his most famous role comes in Walker, Texas Ranger, which he was in for 9 seasons. This character is the inspiration for many of the awesome jokes about Chuck Norris.

Perhaps the most memorable scene from the show is from the pilot episode. The scene has every that defines Chuck Norris’ career. During this scene, Walker has to fight off three bad guys. He easily beats them up but pays a little extra attention to one of the perps.

He breaks one of the bad guy’s noses but then resets it for him. However, he isn’t happy with the result and thinks it looks better the other way. So, he breaks it for the second time in about thirty seconds.

All in all, Chuck Norris is a legend who will likely live on forever. He was an inspiration for many young kids to pick up martial arts.