Happy Birthday Gene Simmons: Celebrating the KISS Bassist’s Most Rockin’ Moments

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for A&E)

Legendary rocker and KISS Bassist Gene Simmons is celebrating his 72nd birthday today. Simmons got a sort of somber start to his birthday this year after the passing of his beloved dog, Axl earlier this week. There was also that cyber war with David Lee Roth. Still, the internet love and support he’s sustained speaks volumes to the icon status he has built for himself after an impressive career spanning decades.

The official Twitter account for KISS @kiss tweeted out their birthday wishes to their bandmate and 1.6 million followers. At this time, Gene Simmons has not responded or been active on any social media accounts today. Hopefully that means he’s enjoying his birthday!

The God of Thunder can look intimidating in his full KISS get up, but rest assured at the end of the day, the rocker is simply a creative soul. Gene Simmons recently talked to New York’s PIX11 about his creative pursuits. When the interviewer tried to wish him a happy birthday, Simmons went on a bit of an existential tirade.

“Every day above ground is your birthday. You better get used to that idea soon… Waiting for some bizarre calendar day to celebrate life?… No… You wake up every day. You have your health. And you live in America. Whoopie! It’s my birthday.”

He goes on to reveal that the art show will take place in Vegas across three days in October. As the interview proceeds, they also joke about Simmons’ famous tongue and they ask if he has made any art with his tongue. Simmons says no, but “what a great idea!”

The Vault

Gene Simmons’ birthday is a good excuse to reflect back on the rocker’s career. Throughout his time in KISS, Simmons has been creating his own music as well. He recently released 11 CDs with 166 Unreleased songs that come directly from himself. He calls this project “The Vault.” Simmons talked to Ultimate Classic Rock about releasing the project at length.

“‘Fewer and fewer people are going to stores, record companies are broken, people are downloading and file-sharing, and I didn’t want my songs to go out that way. That’s like smoke and mirrors … popcorn farts. You can’t feel it, you can’t touch it, the art of it isn’t there. So I decided to put out a physical box set — probably the most expensive one ever, and the largest. And the only way people can get it — there are only going to be a few thousand made — is through GeneSimmonsVault.com. This has never been done before. Because I’m blessed and I can afford it, I’m physically going to be going around the world and hand-delivering the vault into the fans’ sweaty palms.”

Unfortunately, COVID has restricted Simmons’ plans to meet fans, but they can still enjoy his project online and at home.