Happy Birthday George Clooney: Celebrating the Hollywood Icon’s Incredible Career

by Suzanne Halliburton

George Clooney, please tell us. How does one of the coolest guys in Hollywood celebrate his 60th birthday? Drink fest? Or quiet family dinner?

The women still adore you (yes, we know you’re married to a beautiful, smart lawyer). And the men want to go drinking with you, maybe take a shot or two of the good stuff, play some cards and smoke a cigar. Turning 60 only adds to your charm. You’re vintage Hollywood, albeit someone who likes to summer at Lake Como. I mean, who doesn’t like Lombardy?

It’s not clear how Clooney plans to acknowledge his decade birthday. OK Magazine says that Clooney, who was a solid bachelor up until 2014 wants a guys-only trip. Amal, his wife, wants quiet and family only. After all, Clooney may be 60, but he still is the father of three-year-old twins. So how about some balloons and a nice cake with five dozen candles.

“George wants a big, booze-soaked, sky’s-the-limit bash in an exotic locale like Mexico or Italy with his old drinking buddies, like Rande Gerber. (Cindy Crawford’s husband),” OK Magazine said, quoting a source close to Clooney, But Amal, is “pushing for a quiet family celebration at home with their children and it’s led to a few arguments.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Clooney acknowledged the upcoming 6-0.

“As far as turning 60, listen, I’m not thrilled with it,” Clooney said. “But it’s better than dead. So I’ll take it. I got two options.”

So see, Clooney is just like us, a bit anxious about advancing age.

Let’s celebrate George Clooney the best way we know how. And that’s to spin way back on the actor’s massive career and select our favorite moments.

The George Clooney Early Stuff Looks Like Classic TV

Did you ever watch Facts of Life? If you’re female and a certain age, you know all about Blair, Tootie, Natalie and Jo. Well, Clooney played a handyman in the show about a private girls school.

Then there was his appearance on the Golden Girls. Blanche got all maternal with Clooney, who played a detective, Bobby Hopkins. Clooney took the part because he needed to maintain his health insurance. Golden Girls fans always will remember this episode.

The Roseanne show gave Clooney his big break. He played Roseanne’s boss, Booker Brooks.

Then came the show that introduced the rest of the nation to George Clooney. Remember ER? It was the show created by Michael Crichton, the writer who also gave us Jurassic Park. But there were no evil velociraptors in the fictional Chicago ER. Rather, there were earnest young doctors and nurses. The show was such a big hit that it ranked among the nation’s top 10 for 10 straight years. ER also was the top show for three seasons. It ran from 1994 to 2009.

Clooney played Dr. Doug Ross, the hospital heartthrob. He was also a pediatrician. His heart really belonged to Julianna Margulies, who played nurse Carol Hathaway. The two lit up the screen. If Clooney and Marguiles weren’t together in real life, then something was wrong with romance.

“That can’t happen if you don’t have a crush on each other,” Margulies told People last month. “And with George and me, it was so organic. I was just supposed to be a guest star, number 39 on the call sheet. But he treated everyone the same.”

Instead, Clooney became Marguilles’ mentor. Clooney left the show in 1999 for the movies. Marguilles evolved into TV’s The Good Wife. It was all good.

Now, Some Quirky George Clooney

George Clooney didn’t have problems transitioning to the big screen. He starred in O Brother, Where Art Thou, a movie created by the Coen Brothers.

Then in 2001, he began playing Danny Ocean, flirting with Julia Roberts and hanging out with best bro Brad Pitt in the reimagining of the Ocean’s Eleven franchise. Clooney played the part first perfected by Frank Sinatra and gave the glorious movie from the 1960s some 21st century cool.

Yes, They Really Do Like You, George

In 2006, George Clooney was the toast of the Academy Awards. He was nominated for Best Director and Best Screenplay for Good Night and Good Luck. And he got an Oscar nod for best supporting actor in Syriana. He won for Syriana.

And there was more love from the Academy. Clooney was nominated for his work in the Descendants. Then came Argo. Clooney was one of the producers of the unexpected hit that earned Best Picture. To date, he’s the only person to receive Oscar nominations in six categories. Those were best picture, best actor, best supporting actor, best director, best original screenplay and best adapted screenplay.

And Now For Success In Non-Acting Life

George Clooney dated actress Kelly Preston from 1987-89. It was then that Max came into his life. Preston gifted Max, a pot-bellied pig, to her boyfriend. The couple broke up, but Max was Clooney’s best bud for 18 years. He often jokes that Max represented his longest relationship.

Clooney dated a bunch of beautiful women. But he found his true love in 2014, when he met Amal Alamuddin, a human rights lawyer based in London. He was doing publicity for Monuments Men when they met. The two now have twins, Alexander and Ella.

At Outsider, we wish you the happiest of birthdays, George Clooney.