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Happy Birthday Hugh Beaumont: Relive the ‘Leave it to Beaver’ Star’s Best Moments

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

Happy Birthday Hugh Beaumont! The Leave It To Beaver star would have been 112 years old today.

The actor, who played Ward Cleaver on Leave It To Beaver, quickly became a television icon. And although he was best known for his role as the quintessential 1950s father, Hugh had several other roles before making it big on Leave It To Beaver. In honor of his birthday, we’ve compiled a list of Hugh’s most memorable career moments.

Hugh Beaumont’s Best Career Moments

Yes, Ward Cleaver is probably Hugh’s most iconic role. However, he was an actor long before he made an appearance with the Cleaver clan. Many of the roles drastically different than his Leave It to Beaver character.

That Time He Played An Ex-Con On Superman

Four years before he became Ward Cleaver, Hugh Beaumont played an ex-con on “The Big Squeeze” episode of The Adventures of Superman. The episode aired on September 25, 1953.

Hugh Beaumont appeared on Superman in 1953.

When Hugh Beaumont Starred in A Ford Training Video

In 1956, Hugh starred in a Ford Trader Thorne Sales training video. Who wouldn’t want to buy a car from the future Ward Cleaver?

Hugh starred in a Ford training video.

When He Played A Preacher On The Lone Ranger

Hugh Beaumont portrayed a poor Midwestern preacher who is robbed at gunpoint on an episode of The Lone Ranger called “The Godless Men.” The episode aired on Jan. 29, 1953. Ironically, Hugh was a preacher before he made it big as an actor.

When He Landed His Role As Ward Cleaver On Leave It To Beaver

We couldn’t have a list of best career moments without including Hugh’s most memorable role as Ward Cleaver on Leave It To Beaver.

In the third season, Hugh started directing episodes in addition to acting in them. He even directed the show’s final episode titled, “Family Scrapbook.” In 2014, TV Guide ranked Hugh’s portrayal of Cleaver at number 28 on its list of the “50 Greatest TV Dads of All Time”.

Hugh Beaumont as the iconic Ward Cleaver in Leave It To Beaver.