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Happy Birthday John Goodman: Timeline of the ‘Roseanne’ Star’s Legendary Career

by Brandi Stillings
Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage

In honor of John Goodman’s birthday, we’re outlining the actor’s most noted roles. Most recognized for his character in “Roseanne,” the “Big Lebowski” star has an extensive resume. From struggling in Broadway to his rise to fame, Goodman has a number of acclaimed TV shows, films, and more.

Starting in 1978, Goodman worked with fellow striving actors Dennis Quaid, Bruce Willis, and Kevin Kline. Together they appeared in the Broadway production “Loose Ends,” which surprisingly didn’t do well.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that his acting career began to take off. In 1982, Goodman appeared on “Eddie Macon’s Run,” then he was in “Face of Rage” a year later. His role as Pap Finn in the Tony award-winning Broadway musical led to his first big role. In 1986, he starred in the David Byrne comedy “True Stories.”

Followed by the Coen Brothers’ film “Raising Arizona,” where he acted alongside Nicolas Cage.

After he was discovered performing on stage in “Antony and Cleopatra,” Goodman hit it big. In 1987, he was recruited for a role in the hit TV sitcom “Roseanne.”

Biography wrote, the show featured the “ups and downs” of a middle-class family in the Midwest. As most of us know, the series was an instant classic. In addition to seven Emmy nominations, Goodman won a “Best Actor” Golden Globe Award in 1993 for his role.

Actor John Goodman Rises to Fame & Keeps on Going

During the 1990s, he remained a Hollywood star. He was in blockbuster movies such as Steven Spielberg’s horror movie “Arachnophobia.” He also had comedic roles in “King Ralph” and the Coen Brothers’ “Barton Fink. In 1992, Goodman was critically acclaimed for starring in “The Babe,” a film about late baseball legend Babe Ruth. Then, a few years later, he portrayed Fred in the live version movie “The Flintstones.”

Now a rising star, Goodman’s fame only continued to grow. His next move was producing the made-for-TV-movie “Kingfish: A Story of Huey P. Long.” Shortly after, he made another film called “A Streetcar Named Desire.”

The renowned actor and producer didn’t stop there. Goodman earned notoriety for his part in “The Big Lebowski,” another Coen Brothers’ creation. Not only did the movie receive outstanding reviews, but it also became a pop culture icon.

In 1998, he co-starred in the remake “Blue Brothers 2000” with Dan Aykroyd. Then in 2001, Goodman appeared as Big Dan Teague in the film “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

Besides TV and film, he’s also done a number of voice-overs. His first role was “We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story” in 1993. Followed by Disney movies, including “The Emperor’s New Groove,” “Monsters, Inc.,” “The Jungle Book 2,” and “Cars.”

Famed Actor John Goodman’s Recent Work

Kicking off 2010 with a New Orleans-based TV series, Goodman appeared in “Treme” as Creighton Bernette. Then two years later, he returned to movies by starring in Clint Eastwood’s “Trouble With The Curve” with Denzel Washington. Right after, he played John Chambers in the award-winning film “Argo.”

Goodman continued to ride the big-screen wave in 2014. He went on to act in “The Monuments Men,” and then did voice work for “Transformers: Age of Extinction.”

Most recently, Goodman stars in the reprised role of Dan Conner in the 2018 “Roseanne” reboot. In addition, he appears as the same character in the spinoff TV series “The Conners.”