Happy Birthday John Oates: Legendary Hall & Oates Member Turns 73

by Jon D. B.

In addition to his remarkable career as half of one of the most successful music-duos of all time, Hall & Oates legend John Oates was also among the inaugural class of the International Mustache Hall of Fame. Celebrate the icon’s 73rd birthday with Outsider as we recount some of the most fascinating facts about the one and only John Oates.

If you’re ever in a bad mood, fire up some Hall & Oates and your day is guaranteed to improve. The duo’s unrivaled mixture of feel-good, genre-defying, pioneering music has sold over 40 million albums worldwide and spawned six No. 1 singles across a multitude of charts. In short: the word’s a far better place having Daryl Hall and John Oates in it.

Today, we’re celebrating the latter, equally brilliant half of this pop equation as John Oates turns 73. As such, if you’ve always wanted the band’s name changed to Oates & Hall, then you’re in the right place. Outsider has gathered some of the most fascinating facts about Oates’ 73 years on this planet – and needless to say – he’s lived one hell of a life.

A Journalism Degree, World-Famous Mustache, and Fist-fights with Simon & Garfunkel: Fascinating Facts about Pop Icon John Oates

It may seem hard to believe decades into his incredible career, but John Oates didn’t start out with aspirations of becoming a pop legend. In the beginning, Oates attended Philadelphia’s Temple University, earning a degree in journalism.

Regardless, his college experience would change John’s life forever. It was at Temple that duo John Oates and Daryl Hall met for the first time, forming Hall & Oates.

Throughout their long, chart-dominating careers together, John has been a guitarist, singer, producer, performer, businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and held countless titles. Oates still considers his role as a songwriter as the most important “job” of his lifetime, however. For him, this is where “everything begins,” cites iHeart Radio.

Despite this, it would take three decades of dominating the pop and rock charts before John Oates released his first solo album. 2002 saw the release of his solo debut with ‘Phunk Shui.’

Over a decade later in 2014, John would be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. One year after, he would become part of the inaugural class of the International Mustache Hall of Fame, as well. Well-chosen, Mustache Hall of Fame. Well-chosen.

Daryl Hall and John Oates. (Photo by The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images)

John has a very healthy relationship with his iconic facial hair, too. He would voice himself in 2009 cartoon, ‘J-Stache,’ playing himself opposite his own mustache.

These days, citizens of both Colorado and Music City – Nashville, Tennessee – can be on the lookout for John Oates. The pop-rock legend owns homes in both cities.

And if you’ve ever wondered who would win in a fistfight between Hall & Oates and Simon & Garfunkel, John Oates thinks “he and Daryl would destroy the folk singers,” iHeart notes.

Happy Birthday to this 73-year-old legend!