Happy Birthday Jon Voight: Relive the Hollywood Icon’s Unforgettable Moments

by Madison Miller

From “Heat” to “Deliverance” to “National Treasure,” Jon Voight has been appearing on the screen in Hollywood favorites for decades.

The 81-year-old actor has been in the limelight since 1969 when he starred in “Midnight Cowboy.” He has won an Academy Award and has won four Golden Globe Awards during his career so far.

The movie star is known for his biographical roles. This includes playing Howard Cosell in “Ali,” Nazi officer Jürgen Stroop in “Uprising,” Franklin D. Roosevelt in “Pearl Harbor” and Pope John Paul in a miniseries.

So what are the actor’s key moments in the industry?

Jon Voight Top Films

According to IMDb, his film “Heat” sits at the top of the list in regard to holding the highest-ranking.

This film is a riveting L.A. crime escapade directed by Michael Mann. Voight stars alongside Robert De Niro who is the thief of the film. Also in the film is Al Pacino, who is the LAPD detective trying to counteract the cons in their heist.

Alongside “Heat” in popularity is “Deliverance.” This Oscar-nominated film is about a group of four young friends taking a trip down the Cahulawassee River. Their canoeing trip turns sour when they meet a group of very perverted and cruel mountain men.

The film, which was his most substantial after “Midnight Cowboy,” showcased that Voight is incredibly versatile.

While Jon Voight is known for his often more dramatic and action-packed roles, he has done far more. One example is his film “Coming Home.” His role in this movie would lead him to an Academy Award for Best Leading Actor.

He stars alongside Jane Fonda in a romantic and dramatic film about love and war. Fonda’s character is married to a military captain overseas when she falls in love with Voight’s character. He was a soldier who lost the use of his legs during Vietnam.

When he returned home, he used his voice to showcase how important peace is.

His most recent films include “Roe v. Wade” and “Reagan” which are releasing in 2021. In 2016, he had a role in the Harry Potter spin-off “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and in 2018 he appeared in “Surviving the Wild.”

Over the course of his career, Voight adapted his acting range from doing anything from drama to romance to thrillers to biographies.

Key Moments in the News

In recent news, Jon Voight has used his fame to discuss his political ideologies. He has made statements that Trump is “the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.”

Since Joe Biden was named the President-Elect in November, Voight has been posting Twitter videos on the situation.

The actor is also well-known for his Hollywood superstar daughter Angelina Jolie. While they are family, their relationship has its difficulties. According to ET Canada, the two have not spoken to each other in years.