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Happy Birthday Ken Osmond: Remembering the Eddie Haskell Actor’s Best ‘Leave It to Beaver’ Moments

by Brandi Stillings
Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Today, we wish happy birthday to former actor and police officer Ken Osmond. Best remembered for his role as Eddie Haskell, he starred in the classic TV series “Leave It to Beaver” from 1957 to 1963. He was best friends with Wally Cleaver (played by Tony Dow), the big brother to Beaver Cleaver (Jerry Mathers).

After he landed the role, at only 14 years old, Osmond’s character was only supposed to be a guest. He ended up appearing in nearly 100 of the show’s 234 episodes. In fact, viewers of all ages loved to hate Eddie.

Eddie was the closest the show ever got to a bad guy persona. Osmond’s character was known to both intimidate his peers and flatter adults at the same time.

Let’s celebrate Osmond’s special day by recounting his best moments on the “Leave It to Beaver” show. According to a Fox News article, these are five fan-favorite scenes where Eddie is being his mischievous self.

Actor Ken Osmond’s Five Best Moments on Classic TV Series ‘Leave It to Beaver’

Eddie would try to hide his bad intentions by pretending to be a gentleman.

Eddie Haskell: [Beaver thinks he isn’t going to graduate from eighth grade.] “Hey, that’s tough, kid. Let me think. Maybe I can help you figure a way out of this.”

Wally Cleaver: “Listen, Beav. At this point, I don’t think you want to be taking advice from Eddie.”

Eddie Haskell: “Are you kidding? I’ve been in an out of every kind of trouble there is in school.”

Eddie appeared polite and he would make insulting comments. 
Eddie Haskell: “Gee, your kitchen always looks so clean.”

June Cleaver: “Why, thank you, Eddie.”

Eddie Haskell: “My mother says it looks as though you never do any work in here.”

He was always trying to tempt Wally.

Eddie Haskell: “Hey Wally, nobody’s home. Let’s call up some girls and pretend we’re talent scouts.”

June Cleaver: [Enters the room.] “Hello, Eddie.”

Eddie Haskell: “Oh. Hi, Mrs. Cleaver. Gee Mrs. Cleaver, your hair looks real pretty today.”

June Cleaver: “Well, you should know Eddie, being a talent scout.”

Eddie oftentimes tried to ditch Wally’s younger brother, Beaver.

Eddie Haskell: “Wally, if your d–b brother tags along, I’m gonna – oh, good afternoon, Mrs. Cleaver. I was just telling Wallace how pleasant it would be for Theodore to accompany us to the movies.”

Eddie made political jabs.

Eddie Haskell: “Not me! Your father doesn’t like me.”

Wally Cleaver: “Why would you say that?”

Eddie Haskell: “On account of the way he looks at me when he opens the door. Sometimes I think he’d be happier to see Khrushchev standing there.”

On May 28, 2020, Ken Osmond passed away at the age of 76. The late actor always be remembered as the poster boy for bad kids everywhere.