Happy Birthday Kevin Bacon: Celebrating the Iconic Actor’s Best Career Moments

by Clayton Edwards

Kevin Bacon is one of the most well-known faces in Hollywood. He might not be the brightest star in the cinematic sky but he never turns in a poor performance. He’s a consummate professional and has been in some of the most entertaining films ever committed to celluloid. Not only that, Bacon is both prolific and versatile. He can feel like a perfect fit in a variety of roles. It doesn’t matter if it’s a classic slasher like Friday the 13th or a romantic romp like Footloose, Bacon nails it.

Today, Kevin Bacon turns 63. So, we’re celebrating by looking back at some of his best moments.

Animal House (1978)

Kevin Bacon made his big-screen debut in the raunchy fraternity comedy Animal House. It is a cult classic. Generations of moviegoers have laughed at the antics of the hard-partying frat boys for decades. However, Bacon wasn’t one of those guys. He was the ambitious Freshman, Chip Diller. He’s best known in this film for yelling “All is well,” before being trampled. It’s a romp and Bacon is great in it.

Tremors (1990) Kevin Bacon Shares The Screen With Reba

When giant man-eating worms terrorize your small desert town, who do you call? Kevin Bacon, that’s who. He stars as Val in this fun yet suspenseful flick. His performance really helps to elevate the overall film. That combined with some solid practical effects and the presence of country music icon Reba McEntire make this one a must-see.

The Bacon Brothers

We all know that Kevin Bacon has a laundry list of great films. We could be here all day talking about them. Movies like Apollo 13, Footloose, and JFK are classics. However, did you know that he is also a musician? That’s right. He and his brother Michael formed a band back in the 90s. They are called The Bacon Brothers and have released several albums. They’ve even played the Grand Ole Opry. Check out the video of them performing “The Way We Love,” below.

Kevin Bacon laid down some great harmonica work as well as vocal harmonies in that video. However, he also plays guitar and has a great voice.

Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon

Okay, to be fair, this isn’t something that Kevin Bacon did. However, it is based on his career. If you’ve never played the game, that’s okay. The rules are simple. All you have to do is connect Kevin Bacon to another star in six steps or less. For instance, let’s connect Bacon to Yellowstone star Cole Hauser.

Cole Hauser was in Pitch Black with Radha Mitchell who was in The Darkness with Kevin Bacon.

 It works for just about anyone. For instance, Danny Thomas was in Call Me Mister with Richard Boone. Richard Boone was in Halls of Montezuma with Robert Wagner who was in Wild Things with Kevin Bacon.

Truth be told, Kevin Bacon hated this game when it started. However, he warmed to it. In fact, he used the game to create SixDegrees.org. The organization helps to link grassroots charities to donors as well as celebrities who are looking to support a cause. Because, as their website says, “We’re all just six degrees from someone who really needs our help.”