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Happy Birthday Kirstie Alley: Relive the Hollywood Star’s Best Moments

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images)

Happy 70th Birthday, Kirstie Alley!

In celebration of the star’s birthday, we are compiling a list of Alley’s most memorable moments – both on and offscreen. Although she began her career as a participant in various game shows, Alley went on to star in several hit films. Since then, she’s made appearances on shows including Dancing With The Stars. Now, we’re highlighting some of the best moments of her several decades-long career.

Kirstie Alley’s Most Memorable Career Moments

We couldn’t possibly begin to rank Alley’s career milestones. So, in no particular order, here are her most noteworthy accomplishments and moments.

When She Landed Her First Role As Vulcan Saavik in 1982’s Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

It’s always fun to look back at where someone’s success all began. That’s why we’re including Alley’s film debut. Alley starred as Vulcan Starfleet officer Lieutenant Saavik. However, she chose not to continue with the role in the next two sequels because she was offered less money than for Star Trek II.

The Time She Co-Starred In Look Who’s Talking With John Travolta

The 1989 romantic comedy is about a woman who has an unexpected pregnancy. While on her way to the hospital to deliver, she befriends a taxi driver (Travolta) and the two gradually form a romantic relationship from there. The movie grossed over $296 million and continued with two sequels Look Who’s Talking Too, and Look Who’s Talking Now.

Kirstie Is Known For Her Contentious Opinions

Sometime around 2010, Alley started to become known more for instigating controversy than for her acting. Via social media, Alley has weighed in on everything from psychiatry to politics. We can’t compile a list of Alley’s best moments without also including her most contentious. So, here are a few of Alley’s most drama-filled controversies.

Kirstie Alley recently became known for her controversial opinions. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

That Time Kirstie And The U.S. Men’s Curling Team Trolled Each Other

While watching the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in 2018, Alley shared a strong opinion about the U.S. men’s curling team. In her tweet that has since been deleted, she wrote, “I’m not trying to be mean but…… Curling is boring.” Her message did not go unnoticed by the U.S. men’s curling team who had just won their first-ever gold medal. The team trolled Alley right back. They replied, “We’re not trying to be mean either but your movies weren’t exactly riveting theater Kirstie.” They concluded the tweet with “#justsaying.”

Kirstie Is A Dedicated Scientologist

After graduating from college, Alley moved to Los Angeles to pursue Scientology and a career in interior design. Although her career in design didn’t pan out, her commitment to Scientology certainly did. Alley became a member of the Church of Scientology in 1979 and has been vocal about her allegiance to the church ever since.

When She Slammed Psychiatry Because Of Her Scientology Beliefs

It’s also no secret that Scientology fervently rallies against psychiatry and psychiatric medications. After a mass shooting at a 2017 music festival in Las Vegas, Alley shared her opinion about the cause of gun violence. Alley said that the problem wasn’t firearms, but psychiatric drugs. She shared her thoughts via Twitter. She wrote, “We have to solve the mystery of Why there were no ‘shooters’ or almost 0 before the 1980s. I know one common denominator other than guns.”

From her opinionated posts to blockbuster movies, Kirstie Alley is sure to keep us entertained and asking for more. ‘CHEERS’ to another birthday in the books, Kirstie.