Happy Birthday Mark Wahlberg: Celebrating the Hollywood Superstar’s 50th

by Keeli Parkey

Mark Wahlberg, a bona fide Hollywood star, is celebrating a milestone birthday today (June 5, 2021). The music star who became a very successful actor and producer is turning 50 years old today!

The Dorchester, Massachusetts, native was the last of nine children born to Donald Wahlberg and Alma Elaine (Donnelly), according to IMDb.com. One of his brothers is actor Donnie Wahlberg, who currently stars in the hit CBS show “Blue Bloods.” The family lived in a working-class area of their hometown.

Mark Wahlberg was involved with crime as a young man. But after a stint in jail, he decided to turn his life around. Donnie’s success during the 1980s with New Kids On the Block helped Mark get a recording contract. He took the nickname Marky Mark and rose to fame as the lead of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

His first album with the group was “Music for the People.” It was released in 1991, according to Biography.com., and it went platinum. The group’s second album, “You Gotta Believe” came out in 1992. Mark Wahlberg was known for his charisma, as well as his toned physique.

Mark Wahlberg Began Acting During Early 1990s

With a successful music career – and a contract modeling underwear for Calvin Klein – behind him, Mark Wahlberg set his sights on an acting career. This would prove to be a great decision for him. In the decades that followed he has appeared in both critically-acclaimed dramas and hilarious comedies.

His first feature film was “Renaissance Man” in 1994. The film was directed by Penny Marshall and Wahlberg’s performance in that movie led to him being cast in a film that would propel his acting career forward. That film was the 1995 drama “The Basketball Diaries.” He starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in this film about teenage drug abuse.

One of Mark Wahlberg’s most acclaimed performances came two years later. That film was “Boogie Nights.” It is a film that’s been lauded as one of the best of Wahlberg’s career. In this Paul Thomas Anderson film, he played Dirk Diggler – a young man who found success in the porn industry during the 1970s.

Following “Boogie Nights,” Mark Wahlberg’s acting career took off. “Three Kings,” which was released in 1999 was a hit. He followed this film with other successes including, “The Perfect Storm,” “The Yards,” “The Italian Job,” and “I Heart Huckabees.”

Wahlberg Nominated for an Oscar in 2006

He received his first Oscar nomination for “The Departed” in 2006. The acclaimed film also starred DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, and Matt Damon. The crime drama was directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese.

Another of Mark Wahlberg’s most respected performances came in “The Fighter” in 2010. It was nominated for an Oscar for best picture. He also helped produce the film about the life of boxer Micky Ward.

Since 2010, Wahlberg has starred in “The Transformers” film franchise, as well as the popular comedy “Ted.” He co-starred with Will Ferrell in “Daddy’s Home.” He has also become a successful producer. Some of his projects include hit shows such as “Boardwalk Empire,” “In Treatment,” and “Entourage.”