Happy Birthday Michael J. Fox: Relive the ‘Back to the Future’ Actor’s Iconic Moments

by Katie Maloney

Happy 60th birthday the legendary “Back to the Future” actor, Michael J. Fox!

Seriously, name a more iconic movie from the ’80s than Michael J. Fox’s “Back to the Future.” Fox’s Marty McFly, Christopher Lloyd’s Doc. Brown, and the time-hopping DeLorean are still referenced today. However, Michael J. Fox offered fans so much more than just that single film. Today, in honor of his birthday, we’re highlighting some of Fox’s best career moments.

When Michael J. Fox Played Marty McFly in ‘Back to the Future’

We can’t list Michael J. Fox’s best moments without mentioning “Back to the Future.” So, here it is! Fox’s portrayal of McFly, the witty teen who goes back in time and ends up having to rekindle his parents’ relationship to ensure his own birth, is iconic. The movie quickly became an international hit. According to IMDB, during a 2010 interview, Fox said that people still refer to him as “McFly.” One time he was in a remote jungle in the South Asian country of Bhutan. A group of Buddhist monks passed him and one of them looked at Fox and said, “Marty McFly!”

Michael J. Fox in the “Back to the Future” trailer.

When He Starred in the Original ‘Teen Wolf’

Countless remakes and spin-offs have been made since the release of “Teen Wolf.” But Michael J. Fox starred in the original. During the film, Fox played Scott Howard, a teen whose life is changed when he discovers that he’s a werewolf. According to IMDB, Fox wasn’t allowed to eat solid food while in his werewolf makeup for the movie. He could only have soup and milkshakes. He also hated the movie and refused to come back for the sequel. Nevertheless, the movie is now considered a cult classic.

Michael J. Fox in “Teen Wolf”

When He Played Alex on ‘Family Ties’

Family Ties” was a classic sitcom that ran for seven seasons from 1982-89. The show followed liberal ex-hippies Steven and Elyse Keaton, their two daughters and their conservative son Alex. Michael J. Fox landed the role of Alex on the show. The contrast between Alex’s buttoned-up morals and his hippie parents made for classic TV comedy.

Michael J. Fox on “Family Ties”

When Michael J. Fox Tried Out Romantic Comedies

Who hasn’t fallen in love with Michael J. Fox at some point in their lives? Well, Hollywood definitely tapped into the world’s crush on Fox when they started offering him roles in romantic comedies. During “For Love or Money”, Fox plays Doug Ireland, a hotel concierge who will do just about anything for his customers in hopes that one day he’ll be able to open his own hotel. However, things go awry when he falls in love with a potential investor’s girlfriend.

Michael J. Fox in “For Love Or Money”