Happy Birthday Mick Jagger: Celebrating the Rolling Stones Icon’s Unforgettable Impact on Rock Music

by Jacklyn Krol

A very happy birthday to Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger!

The legendary rocker is celebrating his 78th birthday on July 26, 2021. Let’s relive some of his most historic moments in music.

Although he is a rock God on stage, Mick Jagger is pretty humble and doesn’t forget where he came from. In an interview from 1965, he admitted that he didn’t picture the band holding on to public affection for much longer.

“I never thought I’d be doing it for two years. I think we are pretty well set up for at least another year,” he said. Flash forward fifty years and they’re still rocking to this day.

Getting banned from something is true rock n’ roll grit. Never forget the time that the Rolling Stones were banned from The Ed Sullivan Show. The band appeared on the show to perform “Let’s Spend The Night Together” and were told to censor the lyrics. Mick Jagger was not having any of it and gave numerous eye rolls. He performed the song without any censoring. Meanwhile, the fans were so loud that they couldn’t hear the band perform. Sullivan himself scolded the audience and banned Jagger from the show. Finally, two years later, they seemed to call a truce. The band was invited back to perform.

Additionally, Mick Jagger is not afraid to make fun of himself. He’s both performed and participated in skits on Saturday Night Live that poke fun at himself. He even spoke to his “mirror self” a.k.a. Jimmy Fallon.

Furthermore, when the band was subsequently inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Jagger admitted that they were “being rewarded for 25 years of bad behavior.”

Mick Jagger’s Iconic Music Video Moments

Firstly, in 1985, Mick Jagger collaborated with David Bowie on “Dancing In The Street.” Although their cover of the Martha and the Vandellas hit wasn’t widely praised, their music video was. It featured slow-mo jumps, shaking, and rolling. They even have a brief dance off.

Thirdly, “Love Is Strong” features the band members traipsing around New York City. The catch? They’re basically Godzilla-sized.

Secondly, who could forget “Too Much Blood?” It caused quite the stir when it was released. Just as the lyrics suggest, the music video was also bloody. “Did you ever see ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’? Horrible, wasn’t It?” Jagger sings on the track. “Pretty ladies, don’t be scared.” The video concludes with him almost becoming possessed and blood filling the screen.